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Just wondering what everyones views are on the best way to use these ?


IMO ordinary weapons don't really seem like the best use, as a lot of the time if you need to penetrate something it'll be more effective just switching weapon and getting a different damage type. I don't see the +1 Pen from mythic making much of a difference here.


Where mythic might be very useful on weapons is a ranged Cipher? A mythic Frostfall and mythic Essence Interrupter seems like a strong combo. If your Cipher isn't penetrating enough to do decent damage and isn't getting focus they're a waste of a party slot.


Heavy armour seems like a really good candidate for Mythic to get AR stacked nice and high. If you can get everything you're fighting down to 25% Pen it doesn't matter what your Pen is because you're going to outlast them so long as you have a bit of sustain.


Shields seem like a big no-no for mythic. +2 deflection is meh.

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It doesn't make a lot of difference on weapons but I would put it on some single damage type gear, something like sabres maybe? It can make a difference for example on armor when you soloing Belranga and another +1 AR can stop her from overpenetration and with The Wall you can sustain damage and kill her from range( with eccea's blaster for example)

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Do agree with your points of view as in: it's best used on:

- heavy armor - if it will allow to consistently be by 3 AR higher than enemy PEN; and it wasn't already.

- cipher weapons - because ciphers (except for psion) are very phys. dps dependent. And just switching weapons may either lead to lower dps (be it because of extra time spent on switching; or because cipher was already using an optimal setup and now he has to use a subpar one which just happens to have the right type of damage)

- battle axe (if you use them) - as extra accuracy will benefit it's on-crit bonus damage, will make landing the modal's DoT more reliable, and the higher the damage - the stronger the DoT.


Theoretically it would also help rogues (if applied to their weapons) to land their afflictions via debilitating/confounding/withering/etc strikes. But enemy deflection is rarely a problem past the early game. Plus there are many ways to decrease it.

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Ranged DPS weapons are 100% the highest priority. Melee martial characters have a bunch of good options for swapping to different damage types or a higher penetration set, but ranged attacker's options are a lot more limited. There are only so many good scepters to go around after all.


I'm a little skeptical of using it on armor. It's nice in principle to shore up a heavy armored character, though for a main tank / primary engage that is usually overkill - I can't remember the last time I had a party wipe from a tank being overwhelmed. That said I can definitely see it on say a Barbarian tank with Barbaric Retaliation, where you are trying to take a bunch of mitigated hits to power your offense.

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