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[1.0 to 4.1.2] Knock up and Micromanagement



Hello guys,


It is not a really a bug. But a near-bug since 1.0.


There is a delay when an ennemy is KNOCK UP. During this delay, the ennemy becoming untargettable. (red circle disapear and reappear few seconds after)


All the orders of others companions are cancelled because during a brief moment = no presence.


It is pretty annoying. I tell you this because I have recently created a team with a lot of Fighter and Mule kick.


And each micro cancelled add a lot of new micro for each action cancelled.


Eg : 1. Mule kick 2. Mule kick 3. Flame of devotion 4. Flame of devotion 5. Mule kick


The character ONE (1) will touch. Ok. Because it is Mule kick (and knock up more exactly) Characters 2, 3, 4, 5 will have cancelled orders. (It is like Knock up make a target invisible for few seconds)


Ok... So I must give them orders again. (Micromanagement +++++)


You see ?^^


It's so annoying, that the best strategy with a lot of 'knock up" in this kind of case, is to give a different target to everyone, to avoid crossing attacks!


More ! Sometimes with a bad luck, the action of OTHERS members of the team occurs just DURING the knock up^^ and here, there is no effect at all (doing in the wind like we said in french).




The solution ? Make targetable/damaging the ennemy even during the "knock up" animation. There is no RP reason to make a target less accessible during this moment. On the contrary, it is the moment when he is the most vulnerable.




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I add a video to explain even more the problem :





At 0:17+, Aterro, a Wizard - Fighter hit and miss because of Knock up of Thanys Rae, more he lose his point because he started the action. There is no "test" (Miss, Graze, Hit, Crit), because the target is not "here"...(knock up)



At 0:41+, Thanys Rae, a chanter - Fighter, hit a target. Aterro cancel immediatly my last order...




At 1:00+, It is the opposite situation. Aterro hit, Thanys rae cancel the order....




At 1:12+, Thanys hit, Aterro cancel.


In short : If I give 5 orders, each time, 1 execution and 4 cancel (if it is a single target ability AND on the same target)


Voila !...

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