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So, the last time I played was before the deadfire items came in, so I'm looking forward to using them. I read some posts that the Company Captain's Cap was bugged, but then that there was a bugfix in the very last patch update. But I've read some confusing stuff about whether it is really fixed, or fixed all the way.


Those who've played since the last update, can you tell me whether the Cap is working completely or is still bugged in some way? Just so I'm not surprised. :)

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The Company Captain's Cap is still bugged, alas. It confuses your allies when you are "hit" by beneficial effects cast by them, such as heals and buffs. Generally, it's a good idea to put it on your priest (or protect him/her with the hermit's hat); otherwise they'll be confused in almost every fight. But you can also use this to your advantage. To upgrade the Cap you need to cause the confused affliction 15 times. An easy way to do this is to don the Shod-in-Faith; when it procs it will usually confuse you, and typically at the end of the battle when this is a harmless effect.

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Zaedar's Rule #1 - Friendly Fire ISN'T


This game is deep and extremely well made, it's quite easy to blow off your own foot and this is just one way to do it.


In my opinion the Company Captian's Cap is not bugged. The description clearly states: 'Grants Confuse when hit by a Critical Hit' ... so, if you crit the character wearing the cap you may be confused (double entendre intended).


The above may work to your advantage or disadvantage (as with many, many actions or choices you make). As an example of an advantage: Let's say that your main tank is Eder and he has donned the cap but is in the process of leveling the confused proc. You really want to level the cap (because confuse is a very very powerful spell).. so as soon as Eder has engaged Grieving Mother casts Soul Shock on Eder an crits. Tada! One more step closer to leveling the cap (as Grieving Mother is confused).  I must say that the above Shod in Faith example would be a much better way.


As an example of a disadvantage: Eder again but this time it's mid battle and he has been taking some hits (but no crits).. Durance crits Eder with a heal and proceeds to wander over and starts smiting Aloth.


I look at it this way - some of the most powerful magic items have always been cursed.

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