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  1. OP, This truly saddens me. It seems that you are not alone. From my readings on the matter it appears that there are many others in the same state. I wish I could derive an answer in just a few short words but this game waaaaay harder than a simple hack and slash. If I could give one piece of advice it would be to backtrack your steps leading you to the Tower and clear everything. Do all the quests you can in the other areas leading up to this epic battle in order to level your party and have an easier go of things. All, I know most of you are pros but I am wondering what you think would be the response to a Combat Guide (not a walk through, not what is termed a Strategy Guide). I am so in love with this game that I would love to be able to construct a guide that would allow others the joy that it brings me. I have been playing this type of game since Wizardry I and the time when D&D Red Box was black and find myself on the other end of the spectrum (wishing there was less OP'd in the game). Zaedar's Golden Rule #2 - Leave no stone unturned Zae
  2. I mean ,right, it only makes sense: Crit>>Graze>>Miss. If you are in a fight and can never land a hit odds are pretty good you will not be winning that fight. But alas, if it were only that simple. Don't get me wrong the ability to hit is vital but PER may not be the best way to go. The same argument could be said for DEX. Any increase in DEX will increase all of your actions so then why is DEX not the most important? Something that may help is Gallant's. Another is getting a weapon spec early on (you can always respec). Yet another is equipping the right weapon. Try trading around weapons and see which weapon is the most suited for the class. A little trick that I like is having the most accurate weapon on my caster's for casting spells and swapping out to ranged when not casting. It makes a big difference. A gun may be the best for dear Mother to gain focus but it is definitely not the best for trying to crit a Puppet! IMO the best part and most underrated part of PER is interrupt. It's a weaker version of a slow spell. Any time you can act before the bad guys is gold.
  3. Zaedar's Rule #1 - Friendly Fire ISN'T This game is deep and extremely well made, it's quite easy to blow off your own foot and this is just one way to do it. In my opinion the Company Captian's Cap is not bugged. The description clearly states: 'Grants Confuse when hit by a Critical Hit' ... so, if you crit the character wearing the cap you may be confused (double entendre intended). The above may work to your advantage or disadvantage (as with many, many actions or choices you make). As an example of an advantage: Let's say that your main tank is Eder and he has donned the cap but is in the process of leveling the confused proc. You really want to level the cap (because confuse is a very very powerful spell).. so as soon as Eder has engaged Grieving Mother casts Soul Shock on Eder an crits. Tada! One more step closer to leveling the cap (as Grieving Mother is confused). I must say that the above Shod in Faith example would be a much better way. As an example of a disadvantage: Eder again but this time it's mid battle and he has been taking some hits (but no crits).. Durance crits Eder with a heal and proceeds to wander over and starts smiting Aloth. I look at it this way - some of the most powerful magic items have always been cursed.
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