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AI-controlled creatures can behave weirdly on turn-based mode

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I noticed they sometimes attack corpses, or charmed creatures that are now on their side - causing the charm to break.

This happens when their target was killed or charmed during the same general round.


Seemingly the target was determined at some earlier point (at the start of the round, maybe?) and the AI is not able to switch from that target !


I think that the AI should decide targets at the beginning of each individual turn...

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I've seen this happen with creatures I have charmed. They waste their turn attacking something that is not there anymore.

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Hey everyone!


Thanks for the help with the AI controlled units.  The team is currently looking into this issue, but if you discover anything else about this, please continue to post about it here as I'm going to link this thread to the current bug report for this.


Thank you for the help!

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