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Druids do not have solar potential? Herald apparently are very strong. lol




I don't know. I am not going to solo the game.


I bet that most solo-players could make druid work on solo, if not all classes. Is there a class that definitely cannot solo POTD?



Good question, does anyone respond? ^^


Just what has bothered me and knowing that I will underutilize my invocations, since I can not have more than one instance, I will probably not spell invocations as I think would occur.


I also did not like the Companions not having an Anciao Druid. uu


In the game can I create a Mercenario with the settings and the like the way I want? (the same way as in the beginning?)

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Yes, you can create a mercenary as you like.


Downside: Mercenaries have no personality.

Do not have dialogues, or anything, are like another primary character?


No, they are almost completely quiet. The respond to being clicked on or getting orders, and nothing else really.

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"As the murderhobo mantra goes: 'If you can't kill it, steal it.'" - Prince of Lies

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Worse than the Herald only takes a boar blow on the initial island, comes 1 boar (3 skulls), 1 defender of boars, and 3 small boars. All the time I'm missing you there.
What do I need to have on the island to win the boar (+3 mini boars and their defender)?

Druid / Chanter was the only one who killed everything with Sporelings.
I have not tested Chanter / Wizard (Conjurer)

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