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Countdown shenanigans on Obsidian's homepage

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The only aspect of the game that is concerning me are some of the facial animations. Some are either good or riding in the uncanny valley. I was most prominent at 1:11 in the trailer, a still frame of the woman going :0


Facial animations are just fine.


Certainly better than ME:A. That mad scientist looking dude had fine animations it was that girl that looked too stiff.

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Bits of gameplay on PCGamer https://www.pcgamer.com/obsidians-the-outer-worlds-blends-firefly-and-fallout-into-a-bold-open-ended-sci-fi-rpg/


Have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed by the setting, I expected something less futuristic and "Neon". Also the clothing and armors look a bit out of place.


I have to say that while I'm confident about the gameplay and RPG aspect of the game I'm also concerned about the gunplay/shooting mechanics, it's hard to get it right (even more in RPGs) and not feel stiff and clunky.

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