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Are Cipher powers innate or learned, lore-wise?

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Cav the Red

Cav the Red

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So when it comes to ciphers, are their abilities innate - i.e., some people are just born ciphers - or can anyone become one through study and training?  The wiki entry is vague, and it seems like there are conflicting opinions elsewhere on the internet with no official answers.  Or maybe I just don't know where to look.  If it's answered somewhere in the game, I evidently haven't gotten far enough yet.

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I don't remember anything proving it either way. There was some mention about them starting to appear and being something new, so at least the first one(s) was(were) innate...


This isn't really a spoiler, but in Deadfire there is a book that says that some people had been favoring Ciphers for certain jobs. It doesn't mean their abilities are innate, but it gave me that impression.

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White Phoenix

White Phoenix

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Learned. Cipher class origins from Glanfathan brishalgwin. Grieveng Mother is exception as she probably was born with them. Or she learned somehow having no contact with 'professionals'.


And Vitracks are only natural ciphers but they are not kith (they are wilder).

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