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Calm down there bud. I'm not assigning my own meaning. I literally just told you that no other RPG I can think of does it this way.


In addition, Might is generally associated with physical power. Have you ever heard someone say "intellectual might" or something similar? Mighty intellect? Mighty healing? No. No, because it's not a thing. And lol @true meaning because one RPG series uses it. You actually did the very thing you accused me of, but in a more comical manner, using the very word in your definition of it.


And if you want to get specific, the definition of Might is bodily strength. Not spiritual, or arcane, or mental. Bodily. So you are wrong there as well.

Chill out ace. One game doesn't have to follow the lead of all others. I don't understand how this is a point.


Also might is not only bodily strength. There are many great dictionaries you can check out and personally I recommend a quick browse. Might is also power and force to do something. Its literally a definition of the word. This easily explains the effectiness, power and force, of spells. Sorry. You may not like it but that doesn't mean it can't be used to explain damage and healing power.


And actually, yes, I've heard the word mighty to describe a person's spirit as in its a strong spirit. That person has a lot of fight in them. It's used like this Because it's a thing.


Plus, it's more balanced and good for the game. Why have meaningless stats for certain classes? Character creation in poe2 is great since every stat helps every class.

Well there you're wrong bucko. Check out the builds section...how many dump Resolve? It's a classic dump stat despite Obs best efforts.


Back on topic - so you're saying that spell casters use spirit as a power source? Last time I checked it was arcane or intellect. So spirit has nothing to do with it. So even in you're own example you're wrong.


99% of RPGs separate physical and spell damage stats. It's an industry standard for a reason.

So did you check that dictionary kiddo? You must have found that might is not tied to only physical prowess since you had nothing else to say about might not explaining spell effectiveness.


And no, i did not say spirit is used to explain power source. I very clearly stated that i have heard might used to describe none physical strength of a person. The whole argument you used to be making is might doesnt make sense in explaining non physical prowess. I was trying to show it very much can be used to explain non physical prowess since might is not tied to physical related ability only. Real life people use the word might to describe non physical characteristics. Expand your definition to keep up with the rest of us.


And you keep throwing industry standard around like rice at a wedding. Its like thingss go in one ear and out the other. It doesnt matter if 99% percent of games do it one way. Might makes perfect sense to control non spell damage. It works. Theres nothing contadictory, lacking, misleading or inaccurate about might governing spell damage. Ive explained this already and chose not to again.


Plus, correct me if im wrong, not verde obviously lol but someone else, but those old bg games, with i feel poe is closely tied to, never used int for spell effectiveness. Int never governed spell accuracy or damage or anything about how mighty the spell would be. It let you memorize more spells and learn higher level spells and increased your lore ability. I guess you need to lower than to 97% industry standard?

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