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[Bug] Bypassing Scordeo's Edge stack limit



As the title says, it is possible to stack Scordeo's Edge's accuracy bonus far above the 10 (+20 accuracy) that is stated on the item description.


To do this, all you need is a class that can a) stack a lot of action speed increases and b) abilities that can hit more than once per use. The best combination I've found is a Ravager with the Berzerker subclass (hit to crit). Barbarian offers a lot of action speed and Blood Thirst makes you recover instantly on kill. Combine this with Blade Cascade from Scordeo's itself and you can get a huge amount of attacks off in a short amount of time.


That's where the monk comes in; Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming have a chance to proc free attacks on crit, and there seems to be no limit on how many free attacks you can get per attack (or at least it's very high if there is; I've had as many as 8, though it's usually around 3-4). Each one of these free hits will always be from the main hand, and each hit will grant a Scordeo stack (providing it is in your main hand). This mean that on long fights, and especially against foes with low deflection, you can get absurdly high bonus accuracy - highest I've gotten (at least of the times I checked my character sheet at end of combat) was ~+120 accuracy. This of course feeds back into SFlurry and HBD to give you more free attacks, stacking even higher and so on.


When I was testing builds, I tried it out on a non-Monk and it wasn't nearly as good - got to about +30 before it started to decay (other tests were at ~+60-70 by end of the fight I was testing on).


Here's a save just before the Kraken that I uploaded for a separate bug, however it is the very good place to test as the Kraken has both a lot of health and quite low deflection. http://www.mediafire.com/file/521g859x1b29wtg/Blathiel+%282e7aaa45-bb7b-4b34-8493-733a9942db73%29+quicksave%282%29.savegame


Also, Lion's Sprint grants +15 accuracy until the end of combat, despite the description stating it's only for your next hit. Can't recall if I have it in this save or not but it is extremely easy to test.

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Hey Thundercheese!


Thank you for such a thorough report on Scordeo's Edge.  I've taken everything and put it into a bug report for the QA, Systems, and Programming teams to investigate.  If you discover anything else about this, please let us know!


Thanks again for the help!

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