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[Build] Adra Infused Duelist (Inquisitor)

Inquisitor Paladin Cypher

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Build Name: Adra Infused Duelist


Edit: 09/09/2018  Updated Party members after full Play-Thru, made minor change to Equipment. Removed level 20 stats as its redundant and unnecessary. 



    Born in the Deadfire, this Inquisitor follows a simple rule, do good upon others and you will be rewarded tenfold.  She is fast and deadly and can strip enemy defenses down to allow allies to pummel away at those who dare stand against the Watcher of Caed Nua.  Unlike many inquisitors, she cares about finding the truth, but will get it out of compassion and benevolence and not cruelty or violence, like many other inquisitors out there, that only care about getting the "truth" and not the means used to get it (I am looking at you Rhadam Asunawa, Wheel of Times Inquisitor for the Children of the Light).  And in reality she has a frail constitution, but a very strong spirit that guides her through the worst of situations.


Class: Inquisitor (Paladin & Cypher)

          Subclass: Kind Wayfarer & Soulblade

Difficulty: PoTD


Game Version: 2.0


Play Style: For Party Setup


Party Set-up

Main-Tank: Eder (Swashbuckler - Fighter/Rogue) [Melee dual wield]

Healer: Tekehu (Theurge - Druid/Chanter) [Ranged with dual blunderbuss - Kitchen stove and Serafen starting weapon]

DPS-Support: Xoti (Contemplative - Monk/Priest) [melee unarmed with Tuotilo for fast dps and recovery]

DPS-Control: Serafen (Witch - Barbarian/Cypher) [dual wield with scimitar combos]


Race: Wood Elf


Starting Attributes: (Not Including Berath's Blessing or bonuses after Hasongo, Gift of the Machine and Effigy) 



Culture: Deadfire

Backgroud: Raider or Hunter


Active Skills: 5 Athletics rest into Alchemy

Passive Skills: N/A Went into Metaphysics 9, rest spread for conversation options.  After Nemnok fight you get a beautiful staff which scales of Metaphysics, which you can then respect out of two weapon style into two handed style combat with the staff and it gives a decent 2.7s recovery with nice damage output and long range.


Active and Passive Abilities






Weapon Variants



   This is a very fast combat Watcher.  Where s/he will attack fast and have significantly fast recovery times; because of that we can get away with using a Sword of the main hand (which gives best of piercing or slashing) and we cover crush with the flail.  We could change the flail for Kapana Taga which is crush and slash as well and its also equally fast as its a club (includes +5 Accuracy as well).

   You want to start the fight with Sword Rival (enemy) and follow up with a Borrowed Instinct, after that use Recall Agony on high HP enemies and use Flames of Devotion to heal up your allies that may be taking too many hits and yourself, while generating a lot of focus. This will push you into a Soul Strike Annihilation.  Depending on your enemy you will throw Tenuous Grasp (if there are multiples) as to increase splash damage; since Paladin is a single target kinda gal(guy).

   With the current setup, you will have almost immunity to Intellect, Dexterity and Constitution Afflictions. Your attacks will do high damage, and also you will be able to 2 hits most enemies while on tougher enemies you will be able to stand toe to toe with them.



I used this build all the way to the end of the game, and I loved how fast she moved and reacted to everything, being able to heal myself as well as party members, while also doing massive damage was extremely satisfying.  Like I said in the beginning, she is a little frail, but what she lacks on Hit Points, she has in healing.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I even went into a few fights solo, Nemnok for example, and it was a blast.  I wanted to have Eden next to me since I build him using Swashbuckler build, for high survival and damage; but I was able to do it solo no problem.

Edited by dbarbarian14, 09 September 2018 - 03:45 PM.

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Another build i've missed, also cant see it in the build thread so im guessing Boeroer didnt see it either :D




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Nope. :) I will add it later today or tomorrow.

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Is it popular to use different weapon types in each hand while dual wielding to cover all damage types as the OP did here?


Perhaps I should try this lazy man's route? ;)

Edited by Lampros, 12 October 2018 - 04:10 PM.

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