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Why couldn't I just take enemy's ship?

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You'll need a reserve crew, I guess. I wonder what pirate captains did historically. Did they split their crew every time they captured a ship?

Sid Meier's Pirates! game (the old MSDOS one) did exactly that.

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No point in starting a topic for this, and this is ship related so I'm going to post here:


The crew members really need more detailed info...

I just realised that Big Mouth (same species as Spindle Man, can't think of the name atm) whom I was using as Surgeon, is MISSING stuff! Specifically he cannot interact with the Plague Ships on map. When you board those, you get the option to call the sickest member of their crew on your ship to heal them, but not with Big Mouth.

This makes me wonder just how many other similar things I missed out on because there is no explanation or info on crew members...


Also... we need at least 2 more Master Cannoneers and 1 Master Surgeon...  ;)

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