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[Character Build] "Knight of Winter" (Bleak Walker/Wizard) for PotD

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So, this is my first attempt really making a "Character Build," so I wanted to try something a little different from the goody-good characters I usually play in games like this. I also wanted to go for something with a little more defensive power than the Berserker/Marauder I was playing, but can still deal out decent damage. So, I decided to go for a Paladin/Wizard build with a focus on primarily Frost spells with some Decay that I'm calling the "Knight of Winter." It's meant to play into the Beast of Winter DLC and the later DLC focusing on the Archmages. 


The Character: 


Blessings: Bonus Attributes/Bonus Skills


Race: Pale Elf (For extra flavor, plus I don't need to worry about needing to see when I'm Bloodied anymore)


Culture/Background: White that Wends/Aristocrat


Ability Focus: Alchemy (Active)/Metaphysics and Intimidate (Passive)


Stats: (With Berath's Blessing, Gift of the Machine, Chameleon's Touch factored in)


Might: 15 (11+2+1+1)

Constitution: 14 (12+2)

Dexterity: 16 (13+3)

Perception: 20 (16+4)

Intellect: 19 (16+2+1)

Resolve: 12


The stat block is where things get the most muddled, because my spells are kind of split between spells that do direct damage (And thus would require higher Might) and those that have durations (And thus require high INT). I think 14 Might is a good cut-off point, especially since I can boost it up with drugs as needed. 


Abilities (Per Level): 

Primary Offensive Grimoire - Ninagauth's Teachings

Primary Defensive Grimoire - N/A 


Level 1 - Lay on Hands/Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp

Level 2 - Deep Faith

Level 3 - Chill Fog

Level 4 - Zealous Aura/Infuse With Vital Essence

Level 5 - Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon

Level 6 - Necrotic Lance

Level 7 - Llengrath's Displaced Image/Combat Focus

Level 8 - Two Weapon Fighting

Level 9 - Noxious Burst

Level 10 - Ironskin/Exalted Endurance

Level 11 - Secrets of Rime

Level 12 - Iron Gut*

Level 13 - Rapid Casting/Tough

Level 14 - Blast of Frost

Level 15 - Ryngrim's Enervating Terror

Level 16 - Gaze of the Adragon/Virtuous Triumph

Level 17 - Improved Critical

Level 18 - Arcane Reflection

Level 19 - Stoic Steel/Citzal's Martial Prowess

Level 20 - Wall of Draining


Abilities are also highly subject to change. Picking spells for a Wizard at-level is probably the hardest thing for me to do right now because of how Grimoires work. Don't get me wrong, I love the change because it makes each grimoire a new font of potential knowledge instead of just... a spell depository, but still. Also, since I intend to play on PotD, I'll probably be looking at a respec once I hit Neketaka and taking early game spells for dealing with the peskier encounters, like Thrust of Tattered Veils instead of Sunless Grasp for the Anomalies. 




Ooh, this'll be fun, especially since most of the entries for equipment aren't even on the wiki yet, or aren't completed. Here's what I have so far, and why.


Grimoires: My primary attacking Grimoire is Ninagauth's Teachings, both because it fits the theme and because it supplements my defensive spell selection with some REALLY good unique Frost spells. Plus, it's similar to another grimoire acquired from the White March DLC, which Aloth made good use of in my PoE1 save. 


Other grimoire suggestions as supplements to this one would be appreciated. 


Armor: Devil of Caroc Breastplate, though I might swap out for Blackened Plate Armor for mid-late game. 


Weapons: Modwyr/Whispers of Yenwood OR Watcher's Blade - Dual wielding swords just seems right, somehow. Admittedly, enemies seem to have pretty high slash/pierce resistance, so I'm considering other weapons for different weapon sets. This is just what I've thought about for my main one. Does anyone have any recommendations for Crush damage coverage?*


Rings: Entonia's Signet Ring and Chameleon's Touch 


Amulet: Claim, Refusal OR Cauldron Shard*


Belt: Nature's Embrace OR The Maker's Own Power*


Cloak: Nemnok's Cloak (Is it possible to get this and then just leave the Drowned Barrows and return for the rest of the quest later?) If not, Cloak of Superior Deflection until I'm high enough level for Nemnok's


Helm: Thaos's Headdress (Steal from Aloth) upgrade to Blackened Plate Helm later. 


Gloves: Woedica's Strangling Grasp OR Killer's Gloves (Not a lot of good hand options)*



Thoughts? I know this is a lot to read, and I appreciate those who stuck with me through it. I would really appreciate any feedback regarding...


1. The Stat Block 


2. The Abilities (What should I change out, what's worth keeping?)


3. The Equipment (As I'm unsure about gear in almost every slot)


To reiterate, I'm looking to play a character who upholds the Bleak Walker traditions and values, mainly resolving every quest through brutal efficiency, but I want to have some FUN while I'm at it. I want to laugh at enemy attacks bouncing off of me, but still be able to dish out respectable damage in return. Do you think this build has the potential to do this? If not, what changes would you make? 

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Edit: Changed WtW Mystic to WtW Aristocrat. More talky skills, plus I think it opens up more conversation options throughout the game. 


Edit2: Changed skill focus to Alchemy (Active)/Metaphysics and Intimidate (Passives) 


Edit3: Swapped out Sworn Enemy for Lay On Hands (Tentative)


Edit4: Tweaked some equipment choices (Armor, specifically) and added stars by some ability/equipment choices I wasn't sure about, for feedback.


Edit5: Swapped out some of the spells, new additions are in BOLD. 

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Are you playing this guy solo or in a group?


Get rid of con and max dex. Resolve is also a crap Stat


With Rekvu's helmet + a minor injury u can use the Vaporous grimoire for extra spellcasts and be immune to its interrupt penalty. If you don't want to keep an injury the ACC bonus on the "shootist" (forgot the name) hat wich u buy in Tikawara gets applied to all spells.


Unless ur getting and using DAOM use coral snuff.


As for specific spells I can't comment in depth because I don't enjoy wizard and never play them ;D

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From my experience:


Level 1 - Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp - never used it, would cast Chill Fog or Thrust of Tattered Veils (never misses, always interrupt) instead
Level 5 - Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon - not worth the slot, short duration, not enough damage and healing
Level 6 - Necrotic Lance - comical DoT
Level 15 - Ryngrim's Enervating Terror - useful but does not fit the theme imo

Level 16 - Gaze of the Adragan - not worth the slot, comical duration 

Level 20 - Wall of Draining - not worth the slot, was not working for me as described, besides "pass-through" .. how many and how often can enemies pass-through?


Level 17 - Improved Critical - at 10% it's inconsequential


With the stated grimoire, PEN to Fire spells would be useful. Could consider dropping Corrode and focus on Fire and Freeze instead. 

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