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Alchemic Pool Glitch




Saved games load in with no gear and weapon replaced by animal weapon on the Watcher.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Go to Outcast's Respite

Go to the Alchemic Pool (my personal name for the pool of glowing purple liquid, no idea what it is called in the game files)

Drink from the pool several times, and while you are transformed, quicksave.

Reload your save that you made while you are transformed

Cry at the loss of any equipped legendary gear items and weapon that was equipped. If all goes according to how my game got jacked up, your weapon should be replaced with some animal based weapon, similar to Druids that are transformed.


(sorry, I was an idiot and didnt read the bug reporting rules before submitting this post so I didnt think it would be accepted, sorry for the repeat submissions.)

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