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Thanks for report, i checked the picking order and corrected it. Now ability power level progression listed properly, thnx to Mtbsickrider(sorry, i responded before checking :facepalm:) and Boerer! :)

I checked the whole build again but, it seems there is no problem right now but, if you notice any other issues please inform me agian, ty! 

And yes, thanks to no rest approach, there is no need to hard tank and this build does everything that is expected from main character; aoe dps, single dps, self buffing, party aura buff, high defense, burst/sustained dps, scroll using etc. As an exceptional content, mega bosses needs a different approach. There will be class/spell resource problem, i suggest flling all quick slots before mega boss combats, expecially one "potion of ascension" and heal/dmg scrolls will be very important. The multiclasses with a limitless resource class like cipher and chanter can be really good at this bosses, also there is better melee oriented sustain dps builds and i think a hard tank in a party, can be effective for this combats.

Im working on cipher(ascended)fighter(devoted-sword) build.

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Great post, thanks for keeping it updated.  I look forward to a POE2 v5.0 revision.

Question: how do you think this would work with alternate subclasses, such as Blood Mage, base wizard, or Kind Wayfarer?

edit: Also, wow I just noticed CON and RES are at minimum values, I'm surprised that's viable in PotD!

Anyone have variants of this build that they prefer?  How would other people tweak the original post's build?

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I'm basically following this build but with Kind Wayfarer because I'm a goody two-shoes. She's still very hard to kill due to the healing you get from White Flames rather than the AR from Gilded Enmity. I've raised my CON and RES to average values because 1) I don't like min-maxing; 2) can't be bothered to get all the various temp bonuses; and 3) I'm playing with the Deadly Deadfire Hardcore mod. Based on my experience of this mod and playing PoE1 with an XP reduction mod, I think that all the dump CON & RES builds are essentially relying on the fact that the games become too easy as you level up, even on PoTD. If using mods that lead to mobs consistently being a higher level than the player, a weak defence is a much bigger problem. 

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Thanks for this one. I was struggling with deciding which melee class to roll with Wizard and this is perfect. Nothing more fun than watching a bunch of random colors shoot across the screen as the enemies begin to blowup. Please post anymore you come up with.


Also, thanks Boeroer for the list and your numerous poe 1 builds. I was going to give up on the first game before finding most of your builds and that changed everything for me. 

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