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The logic of XP [With Left behind]



EDER : 6223 -> 6493 = 270 [Level 4]

XOTI : 6212 -> 6454 = 242 [Level 4]

+OTHER1 : 3000 -> 3216 = 216 [Level 3]

+OTHER2 : 3000 > 3192 = 192 [Level 3]

+OTHER3 : 3000 > 3172 = 172 [Level 3]


A test with a simple quest.


The test is simple :


I'm always on solo. I take 0 companions. All are left behind.


I pick them again after have acquired a small amount of XP.


There is absolutely no link between them. Because if I don't recruit 2 lasts companions : eder and Xoti have same amount of XP. 270 and 242. So with 6 left behind or 2 = same thing.


I have try to check or uncheck in a different order = no differences.


Only explaination : FIRST recruited have a flag, second a second flag with a low priority ETC. WITH a definitive diminushing return.


But with that, there is a problem : 270 - 192 = 78.

29 % less XP, and I am already with a level 3. (I need ideally MORE XP, than less for my Hired Companion...)


If I want to keep Eder but don't want favor it, I can't. Eder will always get more XP.


There are few people in others topics with 4 levels of difference with the left behind. This difference come to that^^...


So I am pretty SURE^^ that the LIST of service is the problem : When you uncheck Eder for example, Eder will come immediatly first of the list. I think he have a flag of "preference". (= an advantageous amount of XP when left behind because first recruited.)


So proposition : I am OK with this system, but why not create an element of gameplay arround of that ? Allow to the player to choose the priority list with XP ?


I move Eder, to the last place, I place my hired number one. I gain now 270 XP and eder 172.


Or more simple, why all the companion doesn't have same amount of XP ?


It is difficult to add a proof of concept with a saved game, but a simple try with the first quest allow to show that.

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Found ! It is a applied percentage.


Base 20 xp in Solo.

First recruited and left behind = 90 % of XP. [18 xp]

Second recruited and left behind = 80 % of XP. [16 xp]



For the exact same level and condition...


So I think this is a bug. Because when I killed Eder, Xoti gain 18 XP (She becomes the "first" character remaining, was 16 XP before). So, the system is weird. There is not a another way to favor a character that is not is the team ?


I explain : I am OK to say, there is no problem with guys IN the team. MORE XP for underlevel character, perfect.


But here I'm talking about underlevel outside of the team. And here, the first recruited have a BIG favor. Always Eder and Xoti at least.


So I think there is a sort of a... bug.

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