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This is the build I used when doing my path of the damned run. It's flexible in how you build it. It's an all melee team, so normal fights are a tad harder than a standard team with 1 main tank, but every other fight that is harder ( start surrounded by mobs, in open space with tons of monsters, etc ) are not harder, but the same difficulty, which is the advantage of an all melee team.


All 5 heroes must be multiclassed as rogue. Therefore, all heroes will start with a +30 % damage to all sneak attacked monsters, which will increase to 60 % at the end of the game. To enable sneak attacks, there is a rogue passive that allows you to engage a second enemy, and all engaged enemies are considered distracted, which grants flanked. For the second disability for sneak attack, I used the chanter chant that weakens every enemy around. That way, every attack was pretty much a sneak attack. The build works best with 3 off tank - dps with melee weapons ( probably dual weild ) and two with long range melee weapons ( pikes and staves )

My team consisted of 3 paladin/rogues, 1 chanter/rogue and 1 cipher/rogue. They were all nature godlikes


The 3 paladin rogues were 3 off tanks, all 3 dual wielded, all 3 spammed flames of devotion as a standard attack ( which granted an aoe flame damage buff ) and used the rogue finishing strike that dealt bonus damage based on missing health once engaged enemies had less than 50 % damage. All paladins granted + 10 to all resists for 10 seconds upon kills, which ensured it was always up. All 3 had a different paladin aura, upgraded. All things that did not stack went into passives to better resist nasty spells. 1 had the raise ally ability, the other 2 had the ability to remove negative afflictions.

The chanter rogue had 18 int for chant duration and aoe stuff. One chant was the aoe weakness to enemies, the other was a 15 % hp drain on hit. Each fight started with a bonus to statistic buff ( +5 to might dex and such ) to enable all that nature godlike team buff. His other spells were that other statistic buff, the raise spell and 1 summon. A staff weapon kept him close to the team.


The cipher rogue dealt enormous damage with his pike and had plenty of spells for specific moments. Charming enemies, buffing the team, even healing them. He filled the blanks.

All five had the rogue ability to teleport, which could save their life, teleport offensively to the casters behind ( the whole team at the same time, which is very nasty ) or bring them back to the party if they ended up far, so they can benefit from each other's AoE's ( paladins and chanters ). All had the rogue finishing strike for bonus damage vs low hp enemies. 

Most of the game was easy enough. The cipher blind could provide the debuff needed for the bonus damage during the early game. Every item that summons monsters once per rest were given to the paladins, so when a fight seemed difficult, I could summon 3 of them to occupy monsters on one side while my team man melee handled enemies on a specific angle as to keep my whole team together ( which is needed for all the buffs ). When the monsters seems to not bring enough damage on the table, reduce armor to a mere - 20 % cooldown. Even AoE spells did not hurt my team much, as paladins got insane resistances. A few heal potions for the chanter and cipher is all that was needed. Only the fampires and their charm gaze ever gave me trouble.

Classes could be replaced for others to be honest. The cipher isn't really all that needed. 1 or 2 paladins could be removed for others, like barbarians.

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It would definitely be viable. But for variety I'd probably go with an unbroken/trickster tank with sword and shield for maximum engagement, a steel garrote trickster with Whispers of the Endless path as a retaliation off-tank, a forbidden fist/trickster for serious debuffing and a debonaire/beguiler for even more debuffing and charm-crit madness. I've never played a Harbinger, but I imagine that a skald/trickster would work well. However, if you feel you need more healing, you might consider replacing one the above with a priest of wael/streetfighter, such as thelee's Umezawa build. It's loads of fun to play and very powerful.

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You know say daddy me snow me I'll go blame
A licky boom boom down
Dunryd Row man said daddy snow I stabbed someone down the lane
A licky boom boom down"

Sounds totally roguish to me. :)


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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If you want a more diversified all rogue teams, you can try :

- Kind wayfarer / trickster : main tank + support/heal

- Bloodmage / streetfighter : off tank (use draining touch from a grim and swap grim, you will keep draining touch after first hit). Very durable after buff.

- Shifter / streetfighter or berseker / streetfighter : off tank / melee dps / healer (if shifter)

- Troubadour / streetfighter : range dps + support  :  aoe mortar with modal on + deltro helm +  summoned wisp targetting you  (charge the helm and keep you bloodied +  avenging storm scroll + Myth fyr song = mass destruction.

- Your choice depending of what you want : more heal/cc/damage : skaen/assassin, Beguiler/debonnaire, evoker/assassin....

Front line is very durable with lot of self heals + heavy damage when getting bloodied/flanked and back line annihilate every pack of mob.

It will need much more micro than your team tough, but i found it more fun to toy with many different class in a run :)


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