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Managed to download the game and test, it does.  Might try to build a high deflection Trickster/GoldPact Knight that focuses on Riposte/Offensive Parry.

maybe a wizard rogue might work better cause of all the +deflection buffs?




I did quite a bit of brainstorming to figure out which other class would work best with Rogue and would provide the highest amount of readily available Deflection.  By utilizing Trickster, I have access to Mirrored Image which provides +30 deflection which is only 10 less than Wizard's Double.  I do not consider Arcane Veil an option because it is simply too short of a buff.  With a Paladin subclass I get a "readily available" passive deflection bonus through Deep Faith (+21?).  I can't find a class other than Paladin that would provide that much...Fighter has some deflection buffs but they revolve around being hit to remain active...something that I want to avoid.

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what i think is nice about that build is that its very versatile - you can sneak attack from a distance or up close, sneak around, tank, confuse enemies etc... its very versatile...


weapons that also work well with this build - you loose offensive parry tough is rannigs wrath (recover when missed); duskfall (+20 deflection at start of combat); stalkers patience (+damage on flanked and recover when crit)....


akolas apex ward also has a riposte chance built into it.


I'd probably take bleak walker over goldpact tough - gives you a damage boost and flames of devotion will be your main attack...affliction is helpfull for the deathblows... and intimidate for samelias usually leads to aggressive answers which doesn't work well with goldpact

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With WotEP you can apply afflictons in an AoE by the way. With a huge cone (high INT + Infuse) you can put Arterial Strike and/or Confounding Blind or Gouging Strike on several enemies at once. Adds more misses (since their accuracy is lower), too. Spellblade seems to be a good option because of that.


Paladin is also nice: FoD's lash gets applied to all enemies you hit and you'll apply Sickened several times with a Bleak Walker. I didn't test it but I guess White Flames will proc from every enemy you hit,too.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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