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Monk. Anything with monk. But Drugmonk>Shattered all day every day.


U want Monk for buffs and lashes and u need another for the active attacks.

I've tried a Berserker/Drugmonk and he is nasty!


With so many additive dmg boosters around u kinda need lashes.


Try a streetfighter/drugmonk or berserker/drugmonk on Deadeye drugs with high Alchemy, u won't regret it.

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I'd go Shattered Pillar instead of drug monk. Making and taking drugs all the time is just a pain in the ass.


I'd go single class as well. Higher power level = more fist damage, accuracy and penetration. More monk abilities are better than a few Cipher spells that take too long to use.


At higher levels you get the upgraded Flagellent's Path that also knocks everything into the air. Use that after activating Lightning Strikes and Thunderous Blows. You now have five wounds so spend them on the power level nine teleporting whirlwind of death spell and watch the screen explode. If anything is still alive just use the five wounds you gained and do it again.


The only thing that might be a better mass killer would be something with Fighter who uses Charge all the time but their uses are limited by Discipline while wounds are limitless.

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