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[Mouse0] - Keybinding Options Broken



As yoou can see here :


  • Mouse0, [Default Setting], is assigned to multiple interactions.

If you try to replace "Mouse0 = Move", by "Mouse0Party Follow Mouse", it results in Mouse0 being only assigned to this option, permanently.

Like here :



This is annoying because you can still move around, by pressing Mouse0, which is what we want here.

But you can't interact anymore :

  •  Select, Interact & Attack, are no longer triggered by Mouse0.
  • Whereas it should work as : "Move = Nothing" // "Select, Interact, Attack & Party Follow Mouse = Mouse0".

If you could, [whenever you can], make it so that we may move around with "Party Follow Mouse", instead of the regular "Move".

While still being able to interact, that'd be great.

Thank you very much.


Edit : Also, in 21:9, the Didactitiel always appears at the top right corner of the screen.  o:)

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