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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys, The idea of creating this topic is so that we can give suggestions that are grouped and easy to find. If we have a concentrated topic of information and supporting new ideas, it is easier to mobilize producers to add the ideas 1. New fruit trees for the backyard: With the new fruits, it will be possible to extract sugar, peels and food. Thus it will be possible to create bombs, traps and materials to change the colors of the base and model of the backpacks. It will also be possible to create new items of ornaments (furniture, pictures and clothes) 2. New plants and flowers in the yard The possibility of adding other types of flowers that can be useful for creating clothes, backpacks, paints and insect traps. In addition to being used in some armor. It would be interesting to have new types of grass and new plants that provide us with stems. 3. Chance of climate change The temperature was colder at night. There were rainy and hot periods. Thus, clothes and heating for each climate would be necessary. with rain it is necessary to be able to create new items for displacement and protection in the yard. In addition to strong winds that can topple the base or cause damage. 4. New insects and animals Predators that have their own location and times. Be common in hot or rainy weather, day or night. For example: Small frogs, common at night, next to the logo and which are more common when it rains. From it we can use leather to make armor, the tongue to make rope or a better bow, gladula to make bombs and arrows and food. Scorpion, common near stones and woods. Predator of insects such as flies, ****roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, rats and rival of the Spider Wolf and Mantis. We can take his armor bark from him, tweezers to make spears and daggers, legs to make chairs, tables and climbing hooks. Praying Mantis, strong and aggressive predator. Common on top of plants. In addition to flying for short spaces, he can climb the base and other places. Two more new types of ant camponotus and Solenopsis richteri. A common ant in trees and wood, ideal for expanding the scenery and another very good for creating new colonies. Sometimes the 03 species of ant in the game war with each other and with other animals in the game. Important candles collect grasses, petals and foods that fall in the garden. Crickets, great prey for spiders, scorpion and mantis. Also a challenge kills them since they can defend themselves with jumps. From it we can collect the legs, head and meat. With it we can create a new ax, helmet, climbing hook. Grasshoppers, great prey for predators. Flying and jumping insect like cricket. It is bigger and more aggressive. It is common to see him eating grass and leaves. The base is constantly attacked by him. ****roaches, release an odor that scares your predators (or not). It is aggressive and common around the house and woods. Night and day butterflies, Constantly flying in the yard. Food for predators. From it we can collect the Wings, legs, head and flesh. Dragonflies, common in puddles in the backyard. Food for predators. From it we collect wings, legs, head and meat. Earthworms and centipedes, common underground and present in rotten tree trunks. Termites, common in woods in the garden. Ants rival. Extremely aggressive 5. New fish and aquatic animals New species of large and small fish, possibility to find fish eggs in the lake. The lake becomes more difficult and hostile with frogs, fish and a more lively and aggressive biome. Water spiders and leech, present in other places in the garden that have water 6. New species of birds hummingbird, present in the place of flowers. Aggressive and fast. sparrow, flying through the yard and making nests. Their eggs, feathers and feces are easily found. Insect predator 7. New weapons and armor Possibility of creating new weapons such as ax, ropes, daggers, spear arrows, crossbows, swords, mallets, hammers, bombs and traps. Creation of armor such as cricket helmets, scorpion armor, fins with parts of fish, ****roach or bedbug perfume, ant perfume. Harpoon and rope, ideal to be used in the lake for hunting. 8. New clothes and models of backpacks. With new flowers and fruit trees, as well as other insects and birds, it will be possible to create clothes for the climate, in addition to just changing the look. Create backpacks with models of insects, fruits and feathers and with different colors. 9. New items Extract oil from nuts and petals. Extract sugar from fruits. Parts of new insects. New foods thrown in the garden. 10. New buildings Parachutes built from parts of butterflies and other insects. Hang Gliders, created from the wings of dragonflies and feathers, as well as other parts of insects. Scaffolding to be used in zip lines. Thus it will be possible to transport resources throughout the yard. Vertical scaffolding, to automatically climb ridges to the highest part of the building. Canoes, should be used on rainy days and move around the lake. Useful for hunting fish and other animals in the backyard that lives in the water. 11. Grounded fixes. The fish armor, being made of bone and scale, must be the toughest in the game. Insects and animals must have their exact location in the yard, however it must be common to walk elsewhere. Reason, make nests, own and hunt prey. Aggressive insects must attack other insects, as well as having their prey eaten. Be common insect fight in the yard.
  2. Broke my old mouse, Razer DeathAdder. Got (had for a few years, but haven't used actively) a new one, Razer Mamba. Remembered why I used it rarely, when my hand started to hurt. Mamba feels too flat, compared to DeathAdder. The question - is there a gaming mouse, similar to DeathAdder (form + buttons + software), except another edition of it?
  3. Please add keyboard & mouse Support for Ground on Xbox, if it's not already implanted. With there being Full keyboard & Mouse support on Xbox there really shouldn't be any reason why this game shouldn't have keyboard & mouse support allowing gamers on Xbox to have the option play using a Controller or keyboard & mouse . Gamers such as myself want to see more games taking advantage of the support by Devs adding the feature into there games for Xbox , just as they have support on Xbox Game pass Ultimate on PC every title that's on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that has keyboard & mouse support on PC should have the same for the game titles on XBOX. OBSIDIAN and every other games studio within Microsoft Studios should make sure to use every feature possible ( if the game allows it ) if the game is able to run on PC & utilize keyboard & mouse then they should do the same on Xbox , Especially when the game title isn't a Online multiplayer title. But that aside keep up the great work OBSIDIAN looking forward to playing Grounded & seeing everything else to come from this studio in the future
  4. Hello. Does Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire support keyboard and mouse on Xbox One X? Thanks.
  5. I'm having an issue where very frequently left and right click on my mouse don't work at all here. Things will be working just fine but randomly it will simply stop functioning and I can't shoot or ADS. It's not my mouse at all, it happens only in the The Outer Worlds and nothing else and not in menus at all. Any help would be appreciated, it's making it extremely hard to play the game when I randomly just can't attack in the middle of a fight.
  6. As all we know, XBox has a mouse/keyboard support. But why you didn't apply this option? To be honest, keyboard is working well - WASD, Shift, Spacebar and oher keys, eccept ability to change keys layout, but mouse do not work at all. For now i have to use Venom-X to play. I don't think, that it's too hard for you, to implement this future to your game. A lot of people will thank you. Sorry for my English
  7. As yoou can see here : Mouse0, [Default Setting], is assigned to multiple interactions.If you try to replace "Mouse0 = Move", by "Mouse0 = Party Follow Mouse", it results in Mouse0 being only assigned to this option, permanently. Like here : This is annoying because you can still move around, by pressing Mouse0, which is what we want here. But you can't interact anymore : Select, Interact & Attack, are no longer triggered by Mouse0. Whereas it should work as : "Move = Nothing" // "Select, Interact, Attack & Party Follow Mouse = Mouse0". If you could, [whenever you can], make it so that we may move around with "Party Follow Mouse", instead of the regular "Move". While still being able to interact, that'd be great. Thank you very much. Edit : Also, in 21:9, the Didactitiel always appears at the top right corner of the screen.
  8. During interactions with the dialogue window when left clicking an option the game registers it twice, sometimes skipping dialogue or choosing an option. This is a constant issue throughout the game and happens sporadically. I'm unable to figure out what exactly is causing the issue. Just in case it's needed my mouse is a Razer Taipan. A minor issue but a quick search of the bug forum and i couldn't find this so I thought I'd post it. similarly I might have accidentally pick pocketed Edér and insulted a God.
  9. I've been playing PoE in any little spare time I have, and I love it. However I experience a minor annoyance sometimes during dialogue where when I left click it registers as 2 clicks, resulting in skipped dialogue. I fear that it'll result in accidently choosing the wrong dialogue options at some point. I'm 100 % sure I'm not double clicking, and I don't have this issue in any other games/software. One of my friends has the same issue, but I haven't seen anyone else posting about it.
  10. Whenever I try out the hacking mini-game it would seem that the mouse is completely broken. It seems to go all over the place and at the same time lags behind on where my mouse actually is. It is doable but really really annoying. The WASD side of the mini-game functions normally and so does the rest of the game. I have tried out the [Jerky mouse fix] but it doesn't really help with the hacking problem at all. To be clear I am using windows 10 if there are any problems with that and i am using a quite powerful computer. Kindly help me as soon as possible. Thanks for listening.
  11. I have a problem with my mouse. Once the game has started and I have left the medical bay I get to the first alarm panel and the tutorial on hacking pops up. No input is accepted for my mouse and I cannot click the "continue" button. On the menu's at the start of the game I have to use the enter key to navigate the menu buttons as the input from the mouse is not recognised but it does light up and activate the continue button at the bottom of the skills leveling page. Its all very confusing and very frustrating and any helpful comments or solutions would be gratefully recieved. Endex Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt. Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  12. Description: I recently purchased and installed and have been really enjoying the game since then without any noticeable issues playing directly on my laptop. When connected to my TV via HDMI cable (working perfectly fine as I type this) and in the game, the UI seems to be partially unresponsive or buggy for mouse commands and doesn't seem to respond at all to my wireless keyboard. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: 1. Plug TV into Laptop's HDMI slot 2. Gather snacks 3. Load up game via Steam 4. Frown inconsolably at the lack of functionality Savegames As I have played fine without the TV before and after I discovered this problem, I don't think this is applicable. System Specs See attached Feel free to let me know if there is anything further I can provide. Thank you in advance for any guidance and support. 0831 Kreaken Comp Specs.txt
  13. Repro is launch PoE from Steam, and immediatly click another window (in my case Steam chat and Firefox). The effect is the mouse cursor is caged to the window you clicked instead of PoE. This is a normal usage case with multiple monitors. I have attached output_log.txt and os version. Neither upload works for me. Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) (9600.winblue_r8.150127-1500) Can't EDIT: Put in spoiler tag because report is super long.
  14. After Alt + Tab out of the game , the cursor wont hide, even in while watching cut scene , please fix this bug soon thanks or anything i could do to fix this , please let me know, thanks
  15. so to help me to fix the mouse cursor bug , here what you have to do. go to the directory where you installed south park and you will find a file called engine.ini and when you open it with norepad , and scroll down you will find something like this. [Engine.Input] preferred_device = gamepad maybe bit different than this. like your s might say something different than gamepad , if so please leave a reply. thanks this might be what causing what the game to not hide the mouse to hide when playing the game , and even in cut scene , please reply thanks
  16. In case it hasn't been mentioned yet - please add getting rid of the mouse pointer on screen when the controller is active to the bug fix list. It's a bit annoying.
  17. Please make sure there are hotkeys for everything. OK, maybe the design will necessitate having to use the mouse once in a while, but whenever possible, have there be a keypress for it too. Obviously, using a mouse for everything should and probably already will be doable as well, but for those of us who know how to use a keyboard, it's fantastic to have that choice. Thanks for reading!
  18. CPU: AMD II X2 255 3Ghz Dual Core GPU:ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB RAM:4GB OS:Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit After I fixed jerky mouse bug,it freezes at level loading. I restart the game and it's again the first problem,jerky mouse. P.S: Could anybody upload a good APE ENGINE config file?
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