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[CLASS BUILD] Solo Arcane Knight - What happens when you have 210+ deflection?

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To conclude,

1. When multiclassing wizard, should I expect more from the buffs or CC, than DD spells?

2. If it's buff focused, how should we compare herald and arcane knight?

When multiclassing wizard I'd say it's more about the buffs, because when comparing raw damage from spells it's simply way weaker in comparison to power level boosted tier 9s. in fact despite I'm the person who made this guide I don't recommand going multiclass wizard at all right now, because in terms of raw damage pure wizard is better and for multiclass other classes are better, there are many sources of deflection buffs in the game and you don't really need wizard's double to hit the untouchable 211 deflection line, (final boss has an attack that has 146 accuracy, in order to be untouchable you need a hatchet and 211 deflection fully buffed) , however wizard does have spell reflect, which is something other classes don't have, but I don't think it's worth it.


As for the comparison between herald and arcane knight, I'm pretty sure herald is better, because chanter has unlimited resources and is pretty much immortal, while arcane knight's resources drain out eventually, although it takes very long, but using the very same attribute and item setup I would say chanter version is stronger, but like I mentioned earlier I'm currently exploring soulblade + goldpact, a build I believe that can reach untouchable status in all defenses except fortitude, and have higher single target dps than this build due to infinite buff length and accuracy/damage bonuses. 

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Oh and don't bother CCing anything, or at least not on fights where it really matters because enemies have crazy defenses and you'll have very poor accuracy, besides most CC skills have pretty long recovery and cast time it's usually not worth using, and unlike previous game, bosses in poe 2 are almost all immune to hard CC effects.

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How did you do to level during the low levels?  With so little damage and health pool?  I am assuming this was POTD? Post recent patch?

This guide is not updated with the current patch, but before the patch with lvl 4 blessings and potd non upscaled content, the three 3 wraiths before oderisi simply had 0 chance to hit me, so despite low damage and health it was still very safe, goldpact knight mark giving 4 armor also helped me a lot, however I'm not sure if that's still the case, and I know the cats near aloth could be stealthed past completely, not sure if it's still doable post patch tho, haven't played recently. 


Looking through the patch notes, the patches didn't change too much to this build defenses wise, nerfed some deflection, but I wasn't using Gipon chest piece, so should still be able to hit the deflection cap either way, however the global + 2 armor made it so that I either have to switch to a crushing damage weapon and lose 10 global defenses for the final boss or stuck with 50% damage, I'll probably update this guide later with the dlc.

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