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  1. If the Devs started with a smaller number and apply character level scaling on this skill, it'd be much more usable at lower levels. But effects scaling with character levels is so rare that I think the Devs hate such idea.
  2. Or we can make such mod ourselves as it's not that hard - and guess what, The json gamedatabundle clearly shows that "active/passive stacking rule" is a complete illusion. To be fair, this time the game's screwed up logic favors the player instead. Background: Mr. Voltron's "Sword Singer" thread mentioned that, Mith Fyr's +15% lash stacks with Eternal Devotion's +10% lash (so as shared flames). The findings: If we look at the two dmg lash source below, 1. Mith Fyr from abilities.gamedatabundle ("Chant_Aefyllath_Ues_Mith_Fyr") The game data clearly defines it as an active ability &
  3. Wait what And as if it wasn't for pointing out that, an active trigger doesn't necessarily make things not fit as passives! Jesus Christ Seriously, you've never heard of toggle-able passives? And if you didn't get my statement - you think this isn't a crystal clear case (i.e. inconclusive), then the game shouldn't judge and shouldn't put it into game rules. Being inconclusive doesn't mean all players are neutral to it. If you're neutral or luckily sides with the Devs, nothing goes wrong; if you're unlucky, this design hurts as bad as "press down to jump". Of
  4. I'm not sure what repeating the phrase "toggled-passive" is intended to achieve. The fact that apparently modals are considered as such in some other games does not imply that they are or should be in PoE. Mechanically, there is no general argument to consider them 'active' or 'passive' or something else (if nothing else, since what being considered as such actually means will itself depend on the rest of the game mechanics). To also address your earlier statement: "Players who experience this game, with knowledge of toggled-passive in mind, are to be punished by the game". No, they are n
  5. FYI toggled-passives or "permanent passives at will", but I think that does not answer your comment. Conceptually...let's say I'm a lazy vegan (at will - I can eat meat without mental breakdown) I have two abilities here: - Stay lazy: do everything in a lazy way - Vegan: only eats veggies in every meal 1. I've been "staying lazy" and "being a vegan" recently. I'm typing (lazily) right now. Does it count as "multi-tasking" ? 2. I've been eating veggies only in every meal recently. I'm not eating right now. Am I a vegan right now? "Stay lazy" is basically any auras or Warrior sta
  6. Counter-intuitive design causes impact on user experience. When it is such design, no justifications can make it acceptable... You cannot change users' instinct with arguments. And it seems you think that "modals are passives" and "modals are actives" are both acceptable. If that is the case - why the game's mechanics force you to treat modals as actives? The game punish players who think modals are passives at first sight. If you know what a toggled-passive is, Let me put the statement here - "Players who experience this game, with knowledge of toggled-passive in mind, are to be
  7. What's that supposed to mean? Trying to be c0cky? Have you ever wonder why, new players in forum and reddit can't learn the fact "modals are actives" intuitively? This issue involves user experience, And "modals are actives" is a counter-intuitive design, it cannot be resolved with justifications. Once users got choked by it, it's done. No amount of reasoning can change it. (And IMO the passive effects should be the main part of an ability, not the triggering method. But it's not an important point.)
  8. If OB Devs used similar method for classification then well we're all screwed. @OP Welcome to the game, yes modals are counted as actives non-stacking, awkward isn't it. if we take 99% of other games and/or their popularly modded versions as the norm, This game's mechanics are very unpleasant and irrational. This is just like Skyrim and DOS2, great game but some in-game logic are just fxxking irritating.
  9. Then stuff like Zealous Focus stacked with Warrior Stance and a nerf would be the result. Not good for single classes. The non-stacking of modals / putting modals into the active category is the better solution in my opinion.Stances are self-targeted effects, Devs can easily tune it to prevent OP fighters. Auras are fine as-is EXCEPT Zealous Focus. Everyone on the team needs Accuracy, i.e. benefits from it. +3 would be good enough as a passive. Blame Warrior Stance if fighter's Acc goes too high. Weapon modals are bad enough and is completely trash when suppressed.
  10. Then stuff like Zealous Focus stacked with Warrior Stance and a nerf would be the result. Not good for single classes. The non-stacking of modals / putting modals into the active category is the better solution in my opinion. I agree, the activate ability not stack rule can make Single class more attracting. As a Crusader you're already able to stack passive to get all 6 Stats Resistance, making activate ability stack will make them too OP.That's not the point, no one here wants or suggested that.We're talking about the incorrect classification of Modals, which are passive in nature (but got
  11. It's really simple, but it's really BS too. If Modals' effects are sub-par & can be suppressed by Active skill effects Then any proper team composition with buffs won't pick it. If Modals' effects are on-par with Active skills & can be suppressed by Active skill effects Then Modals will suppress most on-par Active buffs instead. The fact that Modals are zero-cost in battle has limited its options. @theBalthazar Devoted +2 Pen is passive.
  12. Seriously? Auras and Stances should be counted as Modals, not actives, and should stack with everything else. Can anyone check weapon modals too?
  13. Herald is too good, specially the rapper, best soloer and best team buffer imo. Can't say it's "too good" when it's strong but not OP.It's simply a combination of two straightforward classes not being screwed by weird mechanics.
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