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First off, I did not get the judgement bug, I have more like a "do this final thing" bug. 


The description on the item says (screenshot attached), that I have to "Travel to Oathbinder's Sanctum and rest at the altar." and boy have I rested there. 

With the weapon equipped, with in in the inventory, stash, hell I have put it even on the altar (the little bowl) and rested. 



Anyone got a clue for this problem? 


Thank you! 


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You need to go to the back/main altar, where a certain.. event plays out (that is not linked to the weapon), and rest at that altar with the cudgel as your active weapon.

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Aloth: "Vela, that's not a very nice word... Where did you learn that?"


Vela: "Uncle Serafen."


Aloth: "I see.. We'll just have to have a little chat then, wont we?"

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