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Found 3 results

  1. After having already soulbound the Magistrate's Cudgel to Rekke and having succesfully upgraded it all the way, including the last upgrade, I found that upon unbinding the Cudgel and then binding it to a new character, I could not get the last upgrade to trigger again (the one where you rest at the Oathbinder's Sanctum). Steps to make this happen: * Soulbind the Magistrate's Cudgel to Rekke (or presumably any other character) * Complete all upgrades * Unbind the Cudgel * Bind it to another character and complete all upgrades until the last * Rest at the altar at the lowest level of Oathbinder's Sanctum * Find that the last upgrade doesn't trigger Link to save game, with characters present at the altar at Oathbinder's Sanctum's last floor: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zyavtkauq039bjq/OathbindersZip.zip?dl=0
  2. First off, I did not get the judgement bug, I have more like a "do this final thing" bug. The description on the item says (screenshot attached), that I have to "Travel to Oathbinder's Sanctum and rest at the altar." and boy have I rested there. With the weapon equipped, with in in the inventory, stash, hell I have put it even on the altar (the little bowl) and rested. Nothing. Anyone got a clue for this problem? Thank you!
  3. So I have the magistrate's cudgel equipped on Eder, and the initial ability on it is "Judge: Marked for 30.0 sec on scoring Hit, +10 Accuracy against targets affected by Judged effects." this works the first hit after equipping it or switching weapon sets in combat, after that the debuff no longer gets applied to enemies, I've had Eder enter combat by himself to try this. You can earn the first level still by switching his weapon sets around until it unlocks but after that it still doesn't apply the effect. I'm unsure if there is an ability overwriting it or anything or if its unique to only Eder, I wouldn't know since I haven't bound it to anyone else. I should note that this is my second play through and I've only experienced this bug running the Beta Patch 73. My original game didn't have this problem in the regular release client. I'll upload my latest save. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvp78kvfbv2o95j/Bug%20Report%20Magistrates%20Cudgel.zip?dl=0
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