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Found 7 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what was the last stretch goal that was fudnes or where can i find them, also if pay pal pledges count? I already backed the project but it been along time since i looked at whats going on with the project.
  2. Have their names been revealed or are we still speculating wildly on which ones it will be? We should assume villages and castles/forts are likely precluded. Defiance Bay seems like a very likely candidate, given its historical significance. The second big city was included in the 3,5 million stretch goal if you didn't know or remember. I apologize in advance if this has already been covered, searching yielded few results. Defiance Bay was already being worked on in update #62. I suppose the real question is what is the second big city? Defiance Bay is the capitol of and the largest city in the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood, so a smaller city in the exact same country seems unlikely. If the Vailian Republics are next might it be Ozia? Consult your map gentlemen.
  3. TL DR; A new mechanic where-in the player's management of stronghold quests occurs on a separate / detailed section of the campaign map of Palatinate of Dyrwood. Feudal conflicts with a plethora of neighbours reflects growth of stronghold and broader feudal development in the context of Dyrwood. Would not necessarily require additional play maps / "wilderness areas" to be created. Mostly could be managed with text and stills. The very long version: Significant scope addition, that might potentially be manageable as a separate stretchgoal or better-yet - separately in the expansion. Could enhance the end-game for the stronghold. Those of you who have played "Birthright" / NWN2 SoZ, like overland travel maps of Fallout, might get a sense for what I mean. Imagine that the geographical area around the stronghold on the campaign map offers a "zoomed in" view, showing "Risk-style" (more accurately Birthright-style) grid of neighbouring feudal holdings. Not all your neighbours are high lords, most in your "backwater", are landed knights in small hamlets, barons, guild-towns etc. With patches of neutral land in between (forests where druids, elves, trolls and orcs live etc). All of these are vassals of more powerful Earls or of the Duke of Dyrwood himself. The idea is that these territories are where most of your stronghold-related mini-quests happen (mini-quests like where the parked NPCs in your stronghold are sent to "adventure" or where various text-based quest-prompts in regard to your stronghold development are sourced from). As the player grows their stronghold, the game asks for decisions to be taken in regard to these neighbours, some decisions might have to be hostile, others might be in order to help your neighbours, others might be trade-related and so the player's standing with the various neighbours changes over the course of the game. A mini-quest might take the form of: Neighbouring knight's hamlet is attacked by Orcs (as a random / scripted "event") The player decides to send NPC + guards to help --> they succeed --> Knight "allies" with player The player cannot send an NPC to help (they're off doing other stuff) --> Orcs pillage and move on, the Knight is wounded and the hamlet is saved because one of the other neighbours helped The player is Machiavelian --> Orcs pillage, the NPC + guards arrive "too late", clean up the Orcs and kill off the Knight --> The player annexes the lands End result - the relevant cell changes "colour" (allegiance) None of this happens in "real time", the decision is made by the player and a result is given a few in-game days later As the player interacts with these stronghold quests, the various neighbours' attitudes to the player change with relevant effects. Not all challenges are military - some might require the party rogue NPC to be sent to quietly kill an evil guildmaster, others might require the party druid NPC to commune with the local druid circle to take the forest back from witches coven who are dominating the local troll population into attacking the feudal settlements etc. At certain points Dyrwood Earls or even the Duke, give specific task(s) to complete that unlock or provide major Stronghold improvements. Stronghold end game scenario opportunity: Player is attacked by a jealous / power hungry Earl and loses the stronghold (result of player being very ineffective) Player is attacked by an Earl (who the player found out to have been conspiring against the Duke). Player with help from allies, rebuffs the assault and the Duke replaces this Earl with the Player Player "bullies" the vassals into service, the local Earl tries to intervene, loses. Player thus proves right to be promoted to Earl (might makes right) Player is promoted to Baron, because the route taken was mostly diplomatic and boosted trade, eased tensions in the region (everyone is happy) etc. Specific mechanics: 1) The zoomed in map of the region allows the player to see how various Stronghold tasks / NPC miniquests etc tie-in to the broader world --> The NPC you sent on a "quest" while your party is actually following the actual game plot, is represented as a figure on a map --> The trade-caravan you established from your Stronghold to a local Elven enclave crosses a patch of neutral territory (and you know to allocate guards to it accordingly) 2) The disposition and relative "garrison" strength of your neighbours guides allows the player to plan defences accordingly (and help neighbours who will come to your help in the event of a siege when your party is on the opposite end of the map) 3) Some of these map spaces act as "NPC quest sinks" earning you rewards e.g.: --> you send your rogue NPC to steal the Baron's jewels (+gold if success, - reputation if caught) --> you send your fighter NPC to participate in a melee tournament etc. 4) Broadens and contextualises rewards: --> trade routes, NPC thieving etc add gold --> working with organisations (Druid circles, Mages, Dwarven inventors, assassins etc) - adds unique items --> working with racial enclaves might add allies during siege (Elven archers on the battlements!) --> working against shadowy groups or competitors, lessens the chance of sieges, caravan robberies etc. --> that Knight's hamlet you "annexed" --> +Food and Conscripts! 5) Can't do everything, some things are mutually exclusive or require specific NPCs (add replay value) 6) Offers a potential end-game / "DLC" future opportunity, as some of these spaces could become self-contained maps in the future, where the player takes on the role of the Rogue, sneaking through a wizard's tower etc. Thank you kindly if you read the whole thing! Again - doubt it would be possible to bolt on this late into the design process, but it is a [late] idea...
  4. We have to discuss something very important... Cats. Indeed, in a cryptic way, Adam answered my question about : "If we reach Big City 2, what'll come next?". Some ideas were said by a few of us until Adam revealed that -someone- that I do not remember the name of, said that it would be at " Four millions" "Cats, cats everywhere" and that we'll "[you'll] see when we get there". Well, here we are my friends, we indeed reached the last stretch goal of 4 millions. So, what do you think, stray cats, domestic cats, companion cats, special kickstarter spell "Summon Swarm of Cats", feline race, Bastet-like religion...? Or maybe we were trolled!
  5. Hey, so.. I really, really liked the portraits in BG2, but only very important characters had them. Then I started installing mods for the game (some of you might've read my outdated guide), and I was blown away by the atmospheric difference triggered by a Portrait mod. And those portraits weren't even good - they rarely matched the characters because they weren't custom-made, but grabbed from random portrait sites and resized to fit the game. But if it were done professionally, with input from the writers and designers - the original creators - and with a uniform style, I think a brilliant thing could be achieved and immersion would profit greatly. How 'bout it?
  6. I really wish there is a plan to include a way to let players create our own maps, npcs and campaings. I think this is one of the best ways to give a game the longevity users want. Kickstarter is the best way to let players decide if we really want it. What do you think?
  7. I didn't found anything solid about this topic, so here it goes: What do you think abut profession systems? I think I would want some kind of professions in the game like alchemy, first aids, herbalism or even engineering. It would be nice if: We need to do something to get better without implying repetitive tasks. We can have custom recipes. We can read books to actually learn some (few) of the recipes, having to take out the recipe after reading the book to a custom recipe. We can collect things (items, medals, flavor items) from them. We need to explore deeply to get the best rewards from them. We can benefit from them in dialogues and / or in the battlefield. It would be awesome if them allows us to have an exclusive assistant or some sort of companion / pet. I like having professions in the game; they add to the game a new level of progression and mix some of the responsibilities from some classes with new ones that won't fit a class system at all. They are rewarding and give a motto for those explorer players. What do you think?
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