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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! Awesome game so far! Some times when Stink Bugs does their cloud attack, their poison effect seems to get stuck on their characters, never happened to me (I'm hosting), but It's pretty common on them, Equiping/Unequipping the gas mask doesn't help, the only workaround we have found yet is either having their character die and respawn, or relogging. Keep up the good work!!
  2. As per title - no matter which caffeine item I use, the status effect never occurs. This makes getting the well-rounded breakfast trophy impossible. A quick search shows others having it as well: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/80734-problems-with-well-balanced-breakfast/
  3. My primary draw to medieval fantasy games is spellcasting. Hence, my greatest draw to Infinity Engine games (D&D) has been the incredible sophistication of the spell casting system. While Vancian systems have their complications, every other system I've experienced pales by comparison. Since P:E has chosen to use cooldowns, I have some very serious concerns. Meaningful Effects Will spells be able to meaningfully alter the status of an opponent? I speak of spells like Emotion, Hold, Confusion, Domination, Sleep, and even death spells. Outside of vancian systems, the most wizards can hope for is "Stun for 0.089786976 seconds every X seconds" or "Slow for 1.09809 seconds every X seconds". Cooldowns & mana casting are the primary culprits for this devolution of spellcasting. Since P:E has chosen cooldowns, I am deeply concerned. How much should I fear spellcasting will be a stupor of generic damage spells with different durations/animations? Potency & Resistance How will the effectiveness of spells being determined? Will there be a roll to save type device as in D&D where DC is pitted aginst Saving Throws, or a percentage based system (45% likely to effect opponent)? Likewise, will wizards be able to meaningfully increase the potency of their spells, or will they have to accept the harsh reality that their limited quanity of spells will only work 40-60% chance at best? Spell Protections & Counterspells Perhaps one of the most shining aspects of the spellcasting in the Baldur's Gate series were the myriad of spell protections (Spheres, Shields, Traps, etc.) and their counters (Breach, Spell Penetration, Warding Whip, etc.). Will this degree of depth be present in P:E spellcasting? I apologize if these topics have been previously addressed. Should that be the case, I would very much appreciate links to those discussions.
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