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  1. Yeah, I wonder what this is like on PC, because on console it’s annoying. Talk to someone? Draw down on them. Open a door? Draw down on it. Use an elevator? Definitely ready for action.
  2. As per title - no matter which caffeine item I use, the status effect never occurs. This makes getting the well-rounded breakfast trophy impossible. A quick search shows others having it as well: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/80734-problems-with-well-balanced-breakfast/
  3. I'm having the same issue on the Mac (Steam) after character creation. I'll let it sit for a bit, but I just have a black screen with a cursor for about five minutes now. Lovely... edit: I was able to resolve by reducing the resolution and setting windowed mode until after the story began. Then I was able to set full screen and bring the resolution back up. Very odd.
  4. I dunno - realistically, look at what so many indie devs have done on a far smaller budget, or on budgets that they basically paid themselves out of. Or just with a lot of time and effort. I'm fairly disappointed in Broken Age. Maybe if they would've spent a bit less time prettying it up, and more time on the meat and bones, it'd have been better. I'd rather have an 8-bit looking game that draws me in, than a super fancy game that's over just after it began. Look at Fez, or Bastion, or Braid for what can be done without AAA budgets. And with absolutely tiny teams. Heck, look at Thomas W
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