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Found 4 results

  1. It is very difficult to maintain acceptable communication after the patch that controls what is written in the chat. The censorship of the Spanish language reaches levels of the absurd, cutting or altering completely necessary words. It is necessary to remember that these are private games, such a level of censorship does not make much sense.
  2. Continued from here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79649-journalism-and-bias-in-the-gaming-industry/page-38 Same ol' stock description starting every thread here: For the uninitiated: The 'Gamergate' controversy was sparked in early 2013, as the release of Zoe Quinn's "Depression Quest" was criticized from gamers who believed that the game had received a suspicious amount of attention in relation to it's quality and scope. Eron Gjoni (Zoe's ex boyfriend) wrote a blogpost accusing Quinn of having had an affair with Kotaku journalist Grayson, prompting the critics to conclude that the attention and success of "Depression Quest" was due in part to unfair bias and nepotism in the industry. Several articles from both sides of the issue has highlighted inconsistencies in the stories of both Grayson, Quinn and Eron as well as the many other examples that have followed. Gamergate is wideley seen in the public, as a culture war over the diversification of gaming, artistic recognition and social criticism of video games and the gamer social identity. For the posters in this thread: Many bloggers and populists have tried to steer the discussion into areas they feel are the underlying issue - ranging from simple bias, to widespread misogny or misandry. I would however prefer that we keep this discussion as objective and clean as possible and so I will be keeping an a extra close eye on this thread. This certainly does not mean that you may not discuss any issue you feel, but rather that you should be thoughtful of how you discuss it with those you disagree with. Especially in regards to these three guidelines: Discrimination: Obsidian has a zero-tolerance policy with regard to racial, ethnic, gender, religious, disablement, and/or sexually discriminating remarks. Harassment: We ask that the users of this board treat one another with respect, even when opinions differ. Personal attacks that are intended to cause unwanted attention, embarrassment, or harm will not be tolerated. In addition, Obsidian does not tolerate disrespectful and/or slanderous posts about its competitors, developers and publishers. Such posts will be subject to editing or deleting, with its posters censured or banned. Objectionable Content: The use of abusive, vulgar or profane language, even if hidden through the use of symbols or other characters is not tolerated. Intentionally posting workarounds to our language filters are prohibited. Posts may be edited or deleted at any time by the moderation team, and depending on the severity and frequency of said posts, the poster may be censured or banned. Any posts in violation of the Forum Guidelines will either be removed or modified and authors of such posts will receive warnings and/or have their content placed under moderated review. PLEASE CHECK YOUR IMAGES FOR PROFANITY. IF THE IMAGE CONTAINS UNCENSORED PROFANITY THAT THE BOARD WOULD NORMALLY CENSOR, WE WILL REMOVE YOUR ENTIRE POST.
  3. It seems this morning a twitter storm started because someone found a joke that was carved in one of the tombstones in the game, the jokes makes a rhyme off how a man jumped of a cliff after he found out the woman he slept with was instead a man. Here is a screenshot of the offending tombstone: Now while this joke is not particularly of my taste and is not the kind of jokes I would make, I think people demanding removal of this tombstone from the game and forcing Obsidian to apologize is very extreme. Now, Obsidian may very well apologize but I would see it more as a forced apology in order to avoid bad PR, and not because they really believe that joke is harmful to society or something like that. I just listened to a SoundCloud by Totalbiscuit addressing this issue and I have to say I agree a lot with him, anyone that would like to know more about what is happening is welcome to listen. https://soundcloud.com/totalbiscuit/pillars-of-transphobia
  4. I just leave this here. http://youtu.be/gMNAeZIeZhQ http://youtu.be/VR1bg_Yf0T4
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