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Found 7 results

  1. Problem description I killed lord Raedric VII and loot his unique sword Justice. I gave it to Kana (equipped in the 3rd weapon set slot, img #1). Then I left Raedric Hall and went back to GV to sell some of the equipment. At this point the Justice was missing(img #3). I didn't realize it until later when I went to Caed Nua to fight the shadows. One of the shadows blinked directly to Kana. I was like hey I should swap his weapon to Justice and punch the shadow in the face but then ha???? Kana just attacked with bare hands with. Because I keep recording the game so I quit the game and check the video and find out the Justice went missing back in GV (or between Raedric's Hall and GV) When I first equip the sword to Kana I noticed the sword was not rendered correctly in the game. It was abnormally white like in the picture(Img #2). I dont know if it has anything to do with the bug. I do have the save files before and after the problem. Unfortunately I am playing in PotD mod so I only backup the save file once a day (yeah in case my character die because of game bug), the save file before the bug is hours ago. I will put them both here. Before: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fyl4ltkae705rla/01da62003d9f417ca0520c3b5c68cf8a%208586184%20RaedricsHoldSanctuary.savegame?dl=0 After: https://www.dropbox.com/s/forg9ouubr8trtr/01da62003d9f417ca0520c3b5c68cf8a%208985970%20CaedNua.savegame?dl=0 Log File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ubehij27mz69255/output_log.txt?dl=0 Like I said, I have the video that can demonstrate the bug, if dev needs I can post it. This is the first time I use dropbox to share, let me know if it doesn't work. I dont know if other people have post similar bug(I dont find one. But there is a similar topic in Steam discussion) Game version: 3.01.977 with white march I&II System: Windows 7 System Spec attached DxDiag.txt
  2. On attempting to do the alternative entry options to Raedric's Hold (Sewer and Vines) the game does not open what I assume is the standard interaction dialogue screen but instead pastes a description in the chat log with no option to respond to it. Beyond this doing this seems to permanently disable saving until you reload and similarly stops you from interacting with any other dialogue box spawning object. Reloading the save and going back to it, loading a save in the zone and resting all do not fix the issue making them permanently uninteractable in my save.
  3. I played the game (without white march part 1) and i liked it. Sadly, i've noticed that the best dungeon is raedric's hold in the whole game. There are different ways to break into the castle and there are many ways/paths to move and reach raedric. I think, it's a great example of good level design. Maybe the temple of skaen is non-linear too. Other dungeons are tendentially linear. Honestly, I found Od Nua boring and repetiitive. There is nothing to do except to kill thousands of trash mobs. I don't know if there are non-linear dungeons in white march, but i hope that in future (expansions or PoE2) there will be more open dungeons (like raedric's hold). These are just my thoughts. P.S. Sorry for my english
  4. Hi, I have Pillars Of Eternity, Linux edition, bought in gog.com Game is playable, but I encounter two rather serious problems with quests. 1) Readrics Hold. I did big part of this quest, but stop before confronting Readric in the Throne Room. (I thought - let's wait till I have better stats so I could use more dialog options). After finishing few quests in the Defiance Bay and in the Caed Nua, I got back to the keep. Played dialog and killed Readric. The quest is not finished and the Journal says that I had to confront Readric. 2) Cinders of faith. I acquired this quest in the First Fires. The quest is listed in the journal. I tried to ask Wenan at Admeths Dan about the cave, but he had no such dialog option.
  5. *Update: Nevermind, problem resolved* I seem to be missing a dialog option when talking with Nedmar in Raedric's Hold Sanctuary. I have freed Giacco, returned to Nedmar, but the this is what Nedmar says to me now: I was expecting an available reponse such as, "I freed Giacco. Now please show me how to get into Raedric's personal sanctuary next to the throne room." I exited the game and loaded it back up and I get the same dialog options from Nedmar. I also tried choosing the "I need to rest" option and then talking to him again, but same thing. I got into the keep through the sewers, through the jail where I opened Giacco's cell and told him to stay put. I killed Osyra, went up to the ramparts and killed some mercs/guards, went back to dungeon/crypt, went upstairs to kitchen, went upstairs to sanctuary, put on robes, sweet-talked my way past all the staff, talked to Nedmar and we agreed that I would free Giacco and then he would get me into Raedric's personal sanctuary located beside the throne room. I went back to Giacco's cell, told him that Nedmar sent me to free him, told him that I'd killed Osyra and that he should leave Raedric's hold. Then he walked off. I went back to Nedmar and I don't have an option to tell him I freed Giacco. I can't upload my save game because it's too large. I also tried to split it using 7-zip so that I can upload it in two chunks, but I get an upload error saying I am not allowed to upload that file type (.zip.001 and .zip.002). Thanks *Edit* I'm playing with the Steam version of Pillars fo Eternity, which updated yesterday. *Edit 2* I forgot to include the status of the quest in my journal: Yes it appears to be missing the part about me freeing Giacco and killing Osyra. *Edit 3* I went back to check the cell again and Giacco is back in it... I freed him again and my journal updated with that fact. Nedmar now gives me the correct options.
  6. I fought my way through till I found Nedmar, which he mentioned the passphrase and to use disguises. I equipped the priest robes on everyone and walked into the sanctuary room, and the Temple Guardian started a conversation which I used passphrase, but everyone else still attacked or they would follow me and just cast blessing all the time and won't stop. Did I do something wrong or is this another bug and I'm just better off wiping everyone out?
  7. I have a bug that keeps me from moving further in the game. I am playing a solo game on Hard and right now I am in Raedric's Hold where I didn't go for a disguise and therefore cleared out the entire floor where the Prists are. Problem is I wanted to exit to the outside (being it on the roof or to the road), but after the load screen, the image stays black and the game stops to respond. I tried loading the auto save and go for the disguise, where after I was able to exit fine enough. I can't play further than the Hold so this bug is really game breaking. Currently I am playing on a Mac so I don't know if the problem persists on Windows. OS: OS X v. 10.9.5 - build 13F34 (MAC book pro) Game version: Steam Difficulty: Hard Playtype: Solo Character Class: Chanter Where the problem occurs: Raedric's hold trying to exit to outside (roof or road) - changing map inside the Hold works fine. What had I been doing: Came from cellar and cleared out the floor of the priests and talked to the main priest (Em-something) and agreed to kill off the Animancer in the cellar. What have been tried: - Restarting the computer (didn't work) - Reinstalling the game (didn't work) - Checking game files integrity (didn't do anything) - Loading another save game and change chosen actions (worked)
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