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Found 7 results

  1. Upon reaching the submerged lab and turning on all the power breakers, me and my friend in multiplayer tried to flip the power grid control switch and only saw "slurp nasty water". Because of this we can't flip the switch and continue the story of the game.
  2. Hello, everybody. After, over than year break I've decided to finish my solo trial of iron run. After loading save discovered that all my story progress is lost. Last time I stopped at Kolsc slain and loaded in his house. And I have log entry about it. I still have my lvl 16 character, all stats, obtained perks like gift from machine, flick of wrist etc., all my Items in inventory and on the ragdoll, BUT no quests, no other opened, but few starting locations. Caed Nua colored gray on the map, like i've never been there. All monsters and quest and npc characters I've killed before, hidden loot all on their places. Ingame timer were reset like I just started new game. Does anybody know what's going on? Is there any way to fix saves? I'm very frustrated, hundred of hours gameplay down the drain.
  3. I'm currently stuck in a progression break. The avalanche barrier was on top of the deck. After defeating it, i was prompted to pick a reward type (scenario 6.4) but then the avalanche disappears and I can't progress. It shows a face down reward card in the top right part of the screen. I took screenshots on my iPad but I can't upload them because they're bigger than 1mb each apparently.
  4. Please help! My characters are trapped! I am admittedly running the game on old hardware, an iPad 2. As a result, it crashes occasionally, and I've gotten used to putting up with that. But now I've reached a point where it crashes 100% consistently, and I am stuck. I have a team of 6 characters, and they have decided to start "Before the Flood", on Legendary difficulty. When I enter Story Mode, they are already committed to this, and the first screen I get is the "During this scenario" page which tells me about Black Magga, and also tells me which random wildcard powers have been assigned. After that I reach the page where I get to drag my characters to their starting locations, and then the page where I can change their turn order. After that I get the map, then the animation of Magga breaking the dam and starting down the river. Then I get the inter-scene screen showing the game's main logo, and then the game *always* crashes. If I could at least start at the Adventure page (i.e. the page where you can pick which adventure/scenario you want to play), I could avoid this and choose a different adventure for them. But when I go in to Story mode again, my characters are still committed to starting "Before the Flood". Throughout this, the "gear" button is available, but the "Forfeit" button is greyed out. If it weren't, it could save me. I know some tricks to help avoid crashing (restart the device, close all other apps) ... with those, I get as far as I described. (Without them, it usually crashes even earlier.)
  5. In quest mode, I had the rogue temporarily close a location (it was the last location to be closed). The close requirement was to defeat a Poison Trap henchman. After I defeated the henchman, the wildcard "When you defeat a henchman, roll 1d6. On 1,2,3, discard the top blessing." was activated. I rolled a 4 after which the game did not continue and the only option was to forfeit. The Poison Trap was still showing as a small card in the top left corner, but the screen otherwise remained empty of cards. I could still switch characters. General Android Android 6 Nexus 9 Gameplay No pass & play, no permadeath Quest mode Barbarian, wizard, rogue, cleric (rogue temporarily closing) Tier 1 hard, wildcards: the one mentioned above, and "when you fail to acquire a boon, discard the top blessing." No character aided the check.
  6. Device: Hudl 2 OS: Android 5.1 Pass & Play: OFF Permadeath: OFF Mode: Story Party Members: Seelah, Ezren, Amiri, Sajan Turn Order: as party Scenario: Foul Misgivings Difficulty: Normal Wildcards: N/A Trigger: Skinsaw Man Repro Info: Having finally solved the problem that I had loading the game after updating to I came across a really nasty Progression Break during Foul Misgivings! I encountered Skinsaw Man (can't remember the location, possibly Habe's Sanitorium), the usual splash screen triggered so I could read the Villain's card, the only button on screen is the Continue button which didn't work!. So now I had a progression break but I couldn't use Vault, Quit or Forfeit to try to get past it! "Great" I thought, "I've already lost all my Quest progress due to the bug in installing the Update, now I'm going to lose my Story mode too!" Workaround: Hit Android "Switch" button and close the PACG app by swiping it off screen at the App switching list; reload PACG; hit Continue to load the Story - unfortunately this loads the wrong party; Quit the game; Hit Story, load the correct party; Resume at the Skinsaw Man "continue" screen, where the button now works! I'm not sure that I'd done anything unusual (no Augury, Scrying or anything like that). However, I had (on turn) used Sajan's Merchant to send the Rogue Ape Ally to Seelah immediately before encountering Skinsaw man. Encountered Skinsaw Man on (I think) Seelah's turn.
  7. Device: Hudl 2 OS: Android 5.1 Pass & Play: OFF Permadeath: OFF Mode: Story Party Members: Seoni, Lini, Valeros, Lem Turn Order: Seoni, Lini, Valeros, Lem Scenario: 2nd in Them Ogres... Difficulty: Normal Wildcards: N/A Trigger: Scenario boss, declined temporary close Seoni encountered the boss so the temporary close was triggered. Lem and Lini were together at City Gates, Valeros was at Guard Tower. Lini declined the temporary close, but Lem attempted (can't remember pass/fail), Valeros passed his. Seoni discarded some Chain she had picked up so she could use her power, she displayed Fiery Globe and made her roll for the first combat check. She was going to use Scorching Ray with the Globe to ace the second check, but at that point (before she selected the Spell) a progression break happened and the only way to bypass was to Forfeit. I would show a screenie, but my screenies are 2.5MB
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