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  1. Boo on making the adventures cost dollars instead of gold! I was happy with the model that having acquired the game, all the main-path content could be unlocked if only you progressed far enough. Changing these to in-app purchases is really a bait-and-switch. Any chance we could get a little grace period, say a few more days for the adventures to be bought with gold? (Even at a higher price?) I have plenty of gold and was going to buy those packs ... I just didn't know there was going to be a deadline.
  2. Thanks for the tips, I'll try things out. I am hesitant about the idea of hitting the X button, as I would want to be really sure I wouldn't lose the characters. Maybe I'll try it out on a party of "New" characters that I don't care about. Another device is a possibility too ... I'll admit I haven't looked this up yet, but how would I connect to the same characters across devices?
  3. Please help! My characters are trapped! I am admittedly running the game on old hardware, an iPad 2. As a result, it crashes occasionally, and I've gotten used to putting up with that. But now I've reached a point where it crashes 100% consistently, and I am stuck. I have a team of 6 characters, and they have decided to start "Before the Flood", on Legendary difficulty. When I enter Story Mode, they are already committed to this, and the first screen I get is the "During this scenario" page which tells me about Black Magga, and also tells me which random wildcard powers have been assigned. After that I reach the page where I get to drag my characters to their starting locations, and then the page where I can change their turn order. After that I get the map, then the animation of Magga breaking the dam and starting down the river. Then I get the inter-scene screen showing the game's main logo, and then the game *always* crashes. If I could at least start at the Adventure page (i.e. the page where you can pick which adventure/scenario you want to play), I could avoid this and choose a different adventure for them. But when I go in to Story mode again, my characters are still committed to starting "Before the Flood". Throughout this, the "gear" button is available, but the "Forfeit" button is greyed out. If it weren't, it could save me. I know some tricks to help avoid crashing (restart the device, close all other apps) ... with those, I get as far as I described. (Without them, it usually crashes even earlier.)
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