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Found 5 results

  1. So anyone here still play RPGs? If so, what's at your table? During the pandemic, I started to GM a few games online. I really hadn't played since the AD&D 2E era back when I was a teenager. Now I'm playing in-person again. I initially got myself the 5E set and immediately disliked it. Characters are essentially superheroes and I dislike the overtly complex mechanics. Eventually I started following OSR and modern OSR circles. Games I've run and really like: Hyperborea (AD&D retroclone inspired by the stories of Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and H.P. Lovecraft) Old School Essentials (Retroclone of B/X D&D - the best D&D) Traveller (Classic. Favorite character creation system, Science Fiction or otherwise) Mothership (Survival Space Horror) Shadowdark (Played with the quickstart set and just backed her $1.3m Kickstarter. Combines old school style with modern ease-of-use mechanics. My favorite and will be the game I run permanently)
  2. https://falloutd40.wixsite.com/mainpage Hello Everyone, Above is a link to a tabletop RPG I created based on Fallout. This is a finished product with a completed rulebook and its own unique ruleset modeled after Dungeons and Dragons. I also refer to it as Fallout d40 as it incorporates the d24, d30 and d40 into the dice that D&D uses. I've included links on where you can find these and what products to buy. Some hobby shops may carry them as well. On the website you can download the player's handbook, errata (because it's never too early!) as well as custom made character sheets. The SPECIAL system and skills system work the same as in Fallout 3/New Vegas and creating a character should feel the same as creating one in one of those games. There are rules for weapon and armor degradation, chems, general maintenance needs (drink, food, sleep) and a multitude of perks that will hopefully give PCs tough choices over what they want to take. Combat should be both fast and balanced and hopefully allows guns to feel like guns. While the math is more involved than D&D at times, I don't feel it is overwhelming or cumbersome and I've tried to make it as easy as possible while still accomplishing the task at hand. New Vegas is my favorite game of all time and this is one fan's ode to the Fallout universe. I have striven to create as balanced a game as possible while also pushing the D&D system in new directions. I welcome as much feedback as possible and please let me know what you think. You can also email me if you like at Falloutd40@gmail.com. Thank you! -Chris
  3. I recently asked on the Project Eternity Kick Starters page at the possibility of a Pen and Paper RPG inspired by and set in the world of Project Eternity. what inspired me to ask is two fold, 1) i was watching a show on a youtube channel called Counter Monkey, which sparked my interest in the world of Pen and Paper RPG's. 2) Sine the guys at Obsidian are huge fans of Pen and Paper RPG's as well as CRPG's and WRPG's i thought there was a possibility of this happening. This is the response i received Hello Keichi, Thank you for your interest in Project Eternity. At the moment, we are unable to comment on your question but it is entirely possible. Thank you for your support, Maria What do you think? are you as excited for the possibility as i am?
  4. Hello, members of the Order! I'll just post something I was discussing with some of your friends in the Kickstarter page. It's about XP System, and started with someone saying that doens't agree with the XP gain from killing a monster. As I never liked it, I said something I used to do in my days of pen and paper rpg. Here's what I wrote in KS page: "As for XP system everyone's been talking about, I'll write something I said earlier: I always felt like killing people/monsters and level up really makes no sense to me. As for leveling up I imagine you as a experieced player (as it's what xp means), I don't get how experienced you might be just killing people. So, I don't agree with gaining much xp out of random kill. If it's somehow attached to your objective, then ok, it makes sense. But just randomly walking through the woods and killing a bear shouldn't make you lvl up. You may get some XP out of it, but very little, and only if it adds to the gameplay. What I think killing a bear in these conditions should do is give you an bonus. Like a Pro Efficiency. You spent your day in the woods, hunting. At the end of the day, you haven't finished any quests. You haven't seen many of what the world can give you. But you have indeed hunted a lot of wild creatures. So, what you actually are doing great is at killing bears, hunting and using your bow. So let's say you get a bonus after X hours doing that. Bow Pro Efficiency +3 and Bear Trapper + 3. After that, you spent a whole month in a dungeon, without seeing the sun. So you'll loose your Bear Trapper Pro Efficiency +3, it'll go back to 0. As you're in a dungeon, you may get some bonuses, like Dungeon Crawler Pro Efficiency + 8 (now you're much more experienced in dungeon crawling, seeing paths and solving puzzles much faster than before). Ok, so you got out of your Dungeon and got back to the Woods. Now you'll start loosing your Dungeon Crawler Pro Efficiency slowly. Let's say you spent another whole month without stepping into a Dungeon. But now your Dungeon Crawler Pro Efficiency is not 0 as it was when you got away from the Woods for a while, it's only +3. What happenned is that you spent so much time in a Dungeon that you're good at it, even if you pass three years of your life out of it, you'll remember when you get back. That's the minimum your Pro Efficiency may get. The same would've hgappenned with your Bear Trapper Pro Efficiency, if you spent so much time doing so. And it can even add some lore to the game. You may have a companion that is Dungeon Crawler Pro Efficienct lvl 8, so exploring the dungeon with him is much easier and safer. Your companion hunter may teach you a little of Bear Trapper if you ask him to do it. These are not skills, just Bonuses you accumulate. Your skills in battle still add to your Pro Efficiency, so you can get really good at Bear Hunting if you spent a lot of points in a Marksman skill and spent a lot of time in the Woods. The difference is that one you achieve only with experience, the other only with your time on that especific situation. I'm saying that just to share with you guys what I used to make in my old days of paper and pen RPG. And that's how I've approached in a game like Skyrim for example. I liked the new system, but I don't like the fact that I'm leveling up by raising my Sneak skill since I'm playing a Barbarian character. Of course, in a RPG table it's much easier to balance, since you have the master and etc. In a video game that'd be a lot harder not to make it boring or overpowered." "Like, you're a Hunter and use a Crossbow. If you use it a lot, you'll get your Crossbow Pro Efficiency +X. If you don't, you won't get it. Maybe you've choosen a Bow or another weapon. Or maybe you're using a two handed sword, and then you need to revisit your char, 'cause you may be spending a lot of skill points in something you're not using. It have to be something natural, like something you'd naturally do after raising a skill, since your point in raising that skill is to become better at it. The difference is that it adds many ways of being better at something" Some things already said about it: much work to implement something like that; it needs to be completely balanced to work, or it's just be boring/overpowered/frustrating; some people may find it boring to have to actually kill a lot of Bears to be the best at it; it has to reward the player in a way that he feels it's worth doing so, or it'll just be worthless, and at the same time it may get overpowered. And of course, there's a whole lot of people who won't agree with me, and that actually think that killing a monster and obtaining xp to raise your Skills makes sense. I don't think that makes sense in every situation, but you may not agree, and I totally respect your point of view. I'm only sharing this to see what you guys think. If you like it and play a pen and paper rpg, try it out. Maybe it already exists (probably). Maybe a video game already tried it (I haven't played them all, of course, so I don't know). Maybe you have more ideas and I can use it on my future pen and paper sessions - if such time is yet to come again ))): Thansk for your time and interest!
  5. So this thread is for those of us who love hearing epic Dungeons and Dragons (or any other Pen and Paper game for that matter) stories that you've had and would like to share with the rest of us. Everyone here obviously likes RPGs, so I thought it would be a good venue for us to share some epic stories. This thread is meant only for fun and humor and to hear and tell some extremely epic PnP stories. Go forth and tell us your best. THE RULES: 1) No massive wall of text. Keep your stories short so that people will read them. You don't need to describe every roll and every detail. Get to the point. Chekhov's gun is a good rule of thumb. 2) Since there is no way that I can check the veracity of your stories, you are honor-bound to only tell stories that are true and that you have directly witnessed. Anyone can come up with a good but fake story. 3) Every week on Saturday, I'll put up a new poll (I hope I can do this, I'm not really sure how the polling mechanics work) with what most people thought were the best stories of that week. I’ll let you guys vote and whoever wins it gets their post put up on the second post of this thread. So it’ll be there for everyone to read and enjoy. Let me know if you guys come up with anything else I should add to the rules and anything else I should change. Now, tell us your stories! I'll start with a few that I've read elsewhere. They break the rules I've made because I didn't experience them but I thought you guys might enjoy them. Edit: Can't edit post after 1 week. Still want to hear epic stories.
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