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  1. https://falloutd40.wixsite.com/mainpage I wanted to let people know that I am putting out a preview of the next edition of my homebrew Fallout tabletop RPG Fallout d40. Although I normally don't like releasing anything until it's finished, the above rework to the game is unlikely to change much between now and the final release and there are some other projects that are pulling me away right now. At this point I am down to the nitty-gritty of reworking/creating stats for all things in the game as well as reworking the perks and combat section. However, the above is a pretty complete lo
  2. Just wanted to let people know that I have updated the game and there is now a Bestiary, GM Tips document and updated Errata as of 3/13/19. The Bestiary contains stats for creatures in the game and comes in both a pdf doc with descriptions of the creatures and as a spreadsheet with just the stats. The GM tips document is a mini Dungeon Master's Guide and the Errata contains 2 new weapons as well as an alternate xp system. The front and back of the character sheet have also received minor updates. One thing I wanted to clarify (and this is contained in the GM Tips as well) is that although
  3. https://falloutd40.wixsite.com/mainpage Hello Everyone, Above is a link to a tabletop RPG I created based on Fallout. This is a finished product with a completed rulebook and its own unique ruleset modeled after Dungeons and Dragons. I also refer to it as Fallout d40 as it incorporates the d24, d30 and d40 into the dice that D&D uses. I've included links on where you can find these and what products to buy. Some hobby shops may carry them as well. On the website you can download the player's handbook, errata (because it's never too early!) as well as custom made character sheets.
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