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Found 6 results

  1. During 2 of my latest walkthrough i've noticed that there are moments when FPS drops from the cliff in combat. Luckily the reason was easy to spot : for some reason every now and then Serafen's shots cause FPS drops. I've encountered this bug in The Hanging Sepulchers, and just a minute ago i got that bug again. The moment Serafen pulls the trigger (doesn't matter what weapon he has arquebus/pistols/blunderbuss) and the hammer hits the primer (or whatever that part is called on that flintlock firearms) and the sparks show up the fps drops (simultaniosly with the sparks appearance) and stays low for uncertain amount of time. Switching weapons back and forth didn't help (perhaps because i switched from firearm to firearm). Yet this bug does not appear EVERY time Serafen fires. Save file link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BQW4MyLnKaIR1Fl54Hwm-fm8AFajg8mZ
  2. So I have decided on a MC for my canon run that I will port over to Deadfire. I am going to play a tank chanter with high might to melt foes with Dragon Thrashed, and was wondering about a few things. 1) I want to take Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, and Kana since they are likely to play a big role in the next game. Any suggestions as to builds for them? I was thinking Eder as Lady of pain, and Aloth as a blaster, but Pallegina and Kana both throw me off. Maybe Kana as more of a ranged support/buffer, as I won't be using many of the buffs? 2) If Kana comes with, do chants stack, or should I diversify chants? 3) I want to switch to a firearm when appropriate. I was wondering if there is any synergy with "And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon the Shield" and then switching for a blunderbuss shot, or is that tactic not powerful enough? Would Aefyllah Ues Mith Fir work with a blunderbuss? I know some of these questions have probably already been answered, so I apologize in advance, but I figured I'd ask all my questions all at once. Thanks!
  3. Hello I made a decision that i will play Gun-Cipher charater, propably wood elf. I have some questions about this class since im beginner. 1. What are the best "spells"/powers for Cipher Gunslinger ? (he will propably use bow at the begining) 2. What do you think are the best talents for this build ? 3. What stat distribiution whoud you guys sudgest ? i give him something like 18 MI 6 PE 16 DE 10CON 18 INT and 10 Resolve.. is that good ? Patch is 1.6 if i recall....
  4. What do you think its the best firearm?And for what class? I use blunderbuse for my cipher, and arquebuse for any other ranged.I used pistol, and i didnt find it anymore less accurate then arquebuse.
  5. I loved the eldritch pistol borne by one of the adventurers (Shadrach) in China Mieville's novel 'Perdido Street Station'. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. In fact, it would be nice to see elements of the 'New Weird' fantasy sub-genre in Project Eternity.
  6. http://www.gamebansh...iew/page-3.html We felt the beast before anything else - a trembling of the earth rising up through the soles of our feet. Only once we stopped and held our breath did we hear the slightest sounds of its passage through the forest. Immediately Johan, our scout, melted into the trees to circle out ahead of us. Kurt looked at me, pointed to a clearing not far ahead, and simply nodded. I didn't need any more instruction. The others moved into protective positions while I shrugged off my backpack and started unbuckling the various belts and bags around my person. With reverence I removed Kaleh from her oiled wrapping. The blunderbuss gleamed as it caught the light, drawing a scowl from Kurt. He should have been watching the trails, but I can't blame him for stealing a glance at her - almost as pretty as me, and just as temperamental. Nevertheless, I waited for his gaze to move on before retrieving the powder bag from my breast - 'keep it high, keep it dry'. The charge, wadding and shot were put down the barrel and packed down with the ramrod, yes, the boys usually enjoyed watching that bit too, but as the sounds begun to grow louder and more urgent they were keeping their eyes peeled. "Bastard's bringing it in too quick." Abe grunted quietly. "Can't you hurry up?" I didn't answer. You don't rush these things. I levelled the gun and carefully primed the flashpan with a little powder. Slowly, I got to my feet. "Ready" We edged forward the remaining distance to the entrance of the clearing. A soft chanting began behind me and I felt my spirits lift. Before I could nod my thanks Johan suddenly burst into the clearing, grinning. He rolled out of vision just as the bush to the left of the clearing exploded and the beast thundered into view. Its momentum almost took it past us before it noticed us and hesitated for a fraction of a second. Which was just what I was waiting for. The world erupted into a cacophony of noise as I pulled the trigger. The echo rolled around and the sky went black as everything capable of flight in a mile around us lept to the air. I have no idea if I actually hit the beast or not, but the effect was the same either way - it rocked back, too stunned to move. The rest of the party piled in and had the fight almost won before it had recovered. So yeah. I’m worth the wait.
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