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  1. Hello, Ever since the release of the game, you had updated the scripting to add different conditionals and outputs, such as allowing us to turn on modals and other capabilities not originally present in release. However, we are still missing a critical condition that would be extremely helpful for managing ciphers. Can we PLEASE get a conditional for the ascendant self buff? The ideal is, for Ciphers, to allow the AI to define that spells will only be cast if the ascendant buff is active.
  2. Okay. After the fight in the sanatorium, I still have the "Subdue Uscgrim" in the quest journal. Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong? I've gone upstairs, and cannot find the one "patient" that ran away. Was this Uscgrim? And if so, how do I find him again?
  3. Hi, I'm playing Deadfire under Linux (Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS; Intel Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz × 8; GeForce GTX 1080/PCIe/SSE2; 64bit) The Player.log starts with this: Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 560130 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 47113508074350777 [API loaded no] ERROR: ld.so: object '/home/boeroer/.steam/ubuntu12_32/gameoverlayrenderer.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. ERROR: ld.so: object '/home/boeroer/.steam/ubuntu12_32/gameoverlayrenderer.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. ERROR: ld.so: object '/home/boeroer/.steam/ubuntu12_32/gameoverlayrenderer.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. ERROR: ld.so: object '/home/boeroer/.steam/ubuntu12_32/gameoverlayrenderer.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. ERROR: ld.so: object '/home/boeroer/.steam/ubuntu12_32/gameoverlayrenderer.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32): ignored. and then there will be this log entry which gets repeated endlessly: Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Handle is not allocated at System.Runtime.InteropServices.GCHandle.get_Target () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at System.WeakReference.get_Target () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Onyx.OnyxObject.Finalize () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Until my disk is full and the file has more than 140 GB (the time I discovered the problem). I am the only one who experiences this?
  4. A couple of liquors are missing their description.
  5. Hi, So I´ve collected the booze and food for the party but then I thought that it would be nice to try and fight Benweth in a direct confrontation instead. First time we wiped but then I tried to pull Benweth and his fighters into the room to the left. It worked fine and all guards are dead. But Benweth is not! He is gone......!!! I probably was stealthy when the fighting started. Now, my only available save game (for this) will make me loose about two hours of choices and playtime so I need to find out if I am able to trigger Benweth back into the story - or if I could continue without finishing this quest? I have tried to get that party started with the stew but Benweth is nowhere to be seen. I’ve read some forums and as I understood them this bug should have been removed long ago! If nothing else - is there a possible way to edit save game file to be able to continue? Regards Mem
  6. I did already reported this bug some time ago, but now I noticed that it happens specifically whenever two weapons of the same type are dual wielded (two pistols, two swords, two blunderbusses, etc.) and the character is proficient in both the types of weapon slotted. The modal ability of said weapon stays active in the character panel after switching set or unequipping weapon. It doesn't seem related to objects that grant another weapons set as I thought initially. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g58vhxmitxx37ve/Dual%20Weapon%20Bug.zip?dl=0
  7. Since I last started the game, the area of effect templates when placing spells have completely disappeared. This is quite bad for gameplay, since I don't know which targets I'm hitting. Is this a known bug? What can I do? Or is their something in the settings that causes this? (can't remember I changed anything, though) I use the game with GOG Galaxy, so all updates should be there and I even repaired the installation but nothing changed. Please help!
  8. Hello, recently I have a bug during events. When there is an ability test in events, I can't choose a character anymore. Instead, the game chooses automatically an character for me. Example: In the event a group of ogres is in front of me and I have dialogue choice of sneaking closer. Normally, I can choose the character with the highes stealth rate. Now the game chooses automatically a character (which of course failes most of the time). Couldn't find a bug like this in the threads. Obviously, I can't play the game like this. Can anyone help? The savegame is attached. Thanks a lot and greetz!
  9. There is a minor problem with characters sometimes being stuck while running in narrow passages. Here's a video: link.
  10. Hi everyone, For some reason I can no longer create manual saves in the game. Autosaves are still created, and I can quick save. But manually saving seems to do nothing (the save screen remains, instead of going away, and no new save is created) either on replacing an existing save or creating a new one. Has anyone run into the same issue / know of a solution? I'm on Windows 7, playing version through GOG Galaxy.
  11. Hello again, One more bug, again related to meshes. It seems Ikiuq, one of the recruitable helmsmen crew members for your ship, has no head model assigned to him, instead having a flesh-coloured round void where his face should. The following pictures should help illustrate the issue: And this isn't a matter of the face being so low-res you can't see it - I have screenshotted my other crew members and they clearly have, however ill-defined, traces of faces, unlike void-faced boy up there. Although it probably doesn't help steam's screenshot function is incredibly lossy in quality. This has been reported on the latest patch on the main branch. Here's a link to the savegame, if it's needed.
  12. Kind of amusing. Crew must be super hungry and thirsty. Anyway, sometimes when I reload a game, the crew will eat and drink absolutely everything in one shot. Not the usual allotment per time period. Also it'll sometimes charge me many many times for their daily wages. I've seen $4000 before. Attached is a screenshot of it. In this particular case it also debited me $3000. Usually I just reload again and it works correctly: no debits at all, just my game the way I left it. This time, however, I got it 4 times in a row trying to reload. I can't upload the save due to forum limits so here's a link to the save file if you want to try and repro it (expires in 30 days). It's my quicksave. I've been getting it by just hitting F9 to quick reload.
  13. I found several bugs of the ability "Confounding Blind".This ability has two effects : blind and reduce deflection.While blind works perfectly,the deflection effect has some bugs that seriously affect the gameplay. It(deflection effect) is considered as a benefical effect rather than a negetive effect to enemy,causing that the effect can be removed by ranger's Concussive Tranquilizer and it won't be affected by enemy's resolve (reducing enemy's resolve can extend blind's duration so that it makes the deflection's duration shorter than blind's).This can be easily fixed by editting the stauseffects.gamedataboundle(isHostile : false → true) . Some factors that can expand the blind effect won't affect the deflection effect(i.e CritHit , perception weakness).This leads to a longer duration of blind effect(compared to deflection),also causing the situation that when deflection effect ends ,the blind effect still exits. When the effects still exist,another Confounding Blind will only refresh the duration of blind and have no effect on the duration of Deflection(especially when the deflection effect ends while blind effect still exists,mentioned in 1. and 2.).So if you do a second Confounding Blind when enemy is still blind ,the deflection effect won't expand and after it ends,there is a long duration that we can only get the blind effect and it is impossible to get the deflection effect by doing another Confounding Blind until the blind effect ends. Hoping that it can be fixed in the next patch.
  14. Hi everyone, I just encountered a bug where I can't leave Bekarna's observatory. Each time I try to leave, the game crashes back to the main menu and I get a message saying the game was stopped to avoid save data corruption. There are some spoilers for the quest's steps below. Steps I took: 1) Get to the Island of Bekarna's Observatory 2) Kill all Bannermen downstairs, loot them, and get the hints to solve the later puzzle. 3) Go to the roof of the observatory. 4) Defeat Concelhaut and his minions, loot everything. 5) It was already night, so I didn't have to wait. 6) Write down the coordinates from the telescope. 7) Interact with the orb and get the loot from the hiding place. 8 ) Go back down and try to exit. I have tried quitting the game altogether, going back to an earlier save, resting, going back up and down, but nothing works. The game quits back to the main menu each time. Save file: My latest save is at https://tinyurl.com/y9m244r7. It's right after coming back down from the roof of the observatory. Output log: Attached to this post. Crash log: Can't find this one. System Specs: I'm playing on a Macbook Pro from 2014, running El Capitan 10.11.6, with a 3 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 Go 1600 MHz DDR3 memory and an Intel Iris 1536 Mo. If I forgot anything, tell me and I'll add it. Also: thank you to all the devs at Obsidian for the amazing game. I loved the first opus and you really outdid yourselves with the second one! I'm having a lot of fun P.S.: alternative dropbox link in case the tiny url does not work: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4qrr1i6ekapo8c/Telfr%20%28c3fb4421-bd8b-454a-aed4-0871d7f71689%29%20%28LAX-2ABCD%29%20autosave_1.savegame.zip?dl=0 Player.log.zip
  15. Accepting to side with the Principi in the quest Shipwright's Plight, the conversation with Cotta implies that the Watcher will get some reputation increase with the pirates and some money. But completing the quest doesn't give any reputation increase or any money (but it gives the Principi discount at Zamar's shop). https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwb1p73scv79zwi/Shipwright.zip?dl=0
  16. Since 2.0 invetory naviation become sluggish and with a lot of stuttering. It doesn't matter how many things are in a inventory - it's noticeable immediately - even before the first fight with Benweth.
  17. Going to Vilario's Rest with Xoti in the party let her collect two lost souls on the beach, that can't interact with the Watcher beside a single spoken line. The soul of a woman in the north of the map triggers a spoken line by Xoti, which it ends abruptly without being completed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zmeovuvnbo1pro/XotiVoiceover.zip?dl=0
  18. Description If I try to open the inventory menu, the game crashes. This occurred shortly after I bought some fancy items form the new merchant ship, but may be a coincident. Steps to Reproduce the issue: Start the game Load the save Press "I" or click on the inventory button Savegames The save file is too big for this forum. You can get it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6jz5x0ulm6y2c4/Eric%20%28279c9c87-9f9a-46af-a4e0-339b5c4dd9aa%29%20%28LAX-2ABCDE%29%20autosave_2.savegame?dl=1 Crash Output The forum says I am not permitted to upload this kind of file. So here we go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rbq84r7rs4t5k4/Player.log?dl=1 System macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) 2,9 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 100 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
  19. So...I haven’t seen any other posts detailing this,but as of late the Reputation Nodes aren’t appearing for Reputation Changes on my companions.
  20. As the title explains, male models (and only male models) are currently suffering from a slightly broken Watershaper's Robe model - the neck seam does not correctly match the head model's height, which results in a visible transparent seam - this is consistent in all races, although the issue is not readily apparent with Tekehu due to his skin being the same shade as the character screen paperdoll background. As follows: This issue has been verified on the live 2.0 patch
  21. Hey guys, I've been having a very specific bug since release (and up to the new DLC's release) and I think I've finally identified why it's happening. Sometimes, when fighting enemies with charm abilities (such as Fampyrs) I've noticed that Chanter summons sometimes appear under the influence of the enemy for no apparent reason. After some testing, I think this only happens when your main character is himself under enemy influence (charmed/dominated) even though your Chanter is not : As you can see on this screenshot, my Wurms are somehow fighting for the other side even though they were summoned by my Chanter (who wasn't charmed during the fight) because my main character (who isn't even a Chanter) is currently charmed. It seems to me like Chanter summons are automatically assigned to whatever "faction" the main character is currently serving, even if the main character is not a Chanter and not the character who summoned the creatures. I have replicated this bug many times, with different parties/saves and against different foes, so it seems to be fairly straightforward.
  22. I wanted to change the specializations of my monk through the in-game respec on taverns. I realize now that We can't change attribute spread and specializations using the respec system, however something weird happened. Instead, my monk retained the unarmed and rapier specs I had... while gaining two new specializations (mace and battle axe) out of nowhere..
  23. I've been trying to get to the arena sub-level for ages now, but every time I do the game freezes and fails to load the area, crashing after a while. What should I do?
  24. I posted this under an old thread for the Sorcerer and a Gentleman bug before I realised that thread was marked as solved so just creating a new topic for it if that's ok (I'd delete the other post but can't see an option too ) So anyway.. Despite the fix mentioned in the 2.0 patch notes this issue seems to persist somewhat. While you can now loot the bodies after the fight they only have generic loot (I assumed Malnaj herself would drop something non-generic). More importantly there is still no conversation, you're left on the boat with the bodies and have to click the go back to the world map button at the top to leave. Although I'm somewhat concerned that this may possibly be 'working as intended' I did a search on the contents of all the conversation files and there doesn't seem to be any dialog anywhere that would go after that fight. So either the bug is they forgot to include the .stringtable file for that dialog or there was never any written. It is an extraordinarily anti-climatic end to a companions quest chain (I know it technically ends after you talk to Remaro but plot wise Malnaj is a significant figure in Serafen's past and the antagonist of his questline, her death would seem to warrant....something. I actually took a break from the game at launch mainly because of this (and a few other quest bugs but this was the big one) and coming back for 2.0 and the new expansion and finding it's basically unchanged is rather frustrating to say the least :/. Playing at launch I knew there'd be a lot of bugs, it happens with every big CRPG, they're complicated games. However the major ones usually get ironed out in the first couple of patches (excluding hotfixes) and I'd definitely consider a main companions quest major
  25. HAve a weird UI bug since DLC release. The modal options don't updates. I have 3 weapons set with different proficients. Dual pistols in set 1 show my pistol modal, I switch to a hatchet + dagger (proficient), it show the pistol modal + dagger modal, switch to 1 blunderbuss in main hand (proficient), show only the pistol modal. Look like modals from proficient in first set overlap the ones in other sets depending of main hand/off hand.
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