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  1. made a late breakfast. guess it kinda looked like eggs benedict, but not. prepared a béchamel with cheddar, manchego and half-and-half 'cause we looked in the refrigerator and those items spoke to us. we have good bacon so we cooked up three thick cut pieces. drained off most o' the bacon grease and then fried two eggs using these little egg ring thingies which had been gifted to us some time past but we had never bothered to use. toasted an english muffin and buttered... am not certain why we buttered the muffin other than some weird reflex. unnecessary. anywho, we placed a piece o' bacon (we
  2. biden is spelled as follows: B-I-D-E-N however, we watched the HARRIS clip and nowhere did she say it were okay to loot and vandalize and attack police. you are doing he same nonsense as were vol. ... your fluid and evasive point sux. you want to create two different standards. the message needs to stay consistent and the message is that peaceful protests is the right (duty) of every American. oh, and btw https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-harris/kamala-harris-condemns-looting-violence-in-wake-of-police-shooting-idUSKBN25N344 this is the message
  3. am thinking this is like the mit temperature change numbers-- am gonna have zero chance reaching gifted. nevertheless, since gifted don't care 'bout fundamental fraud issues, we will instead focus on his reduction o' the scheme to what he seems to see as a harmless bribe, sorta like ferris playing funsies at the chez louis the maître d' in the college entrance scheme took bribes totalling $25 million dollars for spots in elite universities which would no doubt be valued much more than $25 million. so make this instead a federal highway construction fraud case instead o' colleg
  4. unauthorized border crossing is illegal. ain't criminal. if gifted builds an extension on his house w/o such improvements being to code, his actions is violations o' law. illegal. however, such actions by gifted ain't criminal. government decides a good way to deter folks from doing home improvements w/o proper inspections and/or in violation o' code is to separate families who engage in such behavior. show up to a younger gifted's wrong-built home and take his wife and child away... temporarily. "so sad"? such silliness is ok though, 'cause folks is convenient forgetting
  5. yeah, the threats o' violence is indefensible. we noted earlier-- "the newish militia threat? now that deserves a horse whipping. if a minority group can't get honest input and consideration because the democratic process is rigged, am in favor o' creative means o' protest and resistance, but thin veiled threats o' violence is 'bout as blunt and uncreative as is possible to imagine. 'course those threats came after your post so am not giving you the benefit o' the doubt on those. nevertheless, we would agree that the minority senators should public condemn the militia threats in no uncer
  6. am genuine not certain if gifted knows what is hyperbole, 'cause, y'know, is sad and not true. debate and negotiation = stall for a decade? *snort* for instance, veteran's choice, legislation for which trump curious takes credit at every opportunity, were championed by john mccain and bernie sanders. took less than a full year to go through legislative process and get president OBAMA's signature. 2013-2014. hyperbole don't make gifted's argument stronger. makes weaker and easier to dismiss. also, the trains didn't run on time for mussolini. is no political system which negates foundationa
  7. is so difficult to decipher gifted posts 'cause he so rare knows what he is spouting off 'bout when he goes on one o' his anger benders. affirmative action? how on earth would affirmative action relate to school fees? either he is using the wrong term, or... regardless, many states ask for parents to pay mandatory fees for s'posed free education. is a growing trend as schools is increasing making laptops/chromebooks part o' ordinary student supplies and as so many angry and childless homeowners grumbled 'bout school taxes being levied on their property yearly. have seen high school
  8. not sure if you going for irony. you do be recalling how it were gifted who wanted to go emoji + sarcasm in this thread 'stead o' serious. am also recalling how last few times gifted has seen some kinda tragic flaw in Gromnir response, it were typical following a comic gifted blunder. can add another such to tally if you wanna continue. 'course if the mod wants to engage in and even promote this kinda silliness, we will indulge for as long as he wishes to do so. tacit approval and all that. oh, and to answer earlier query, we didn't find any gifted posts condemning republicans for bloc
  9. and here we thought this all started with gifted whining 'bout a few senators in oregon. lord knows Gromnir ain't whining 'bout three countries. we has suggested there is less reason to be concerned or impressed by three countries with which gifted seems preoccupied... which is kinda the opposite o' what you suggest. but heck, am a people person and am gonna keep trying to help gifted reach daylight. you hang in there and we will eventual make it. HA! Good Fun!
  10. disagree. am not gonna belabor why we believe gifted's complaints were unreasonable and frequent irrational 'cause it don't matter. say what you will, am not denying the complaints were nevertheless genuine. deadfire is refined version o' poe. am suspecting such makes deadfire less appealing. we make hot sauce and while person don't come out and say specific the sauce were too hot they make kinda obvious such were the root problem. tell us they need a big glass o' milk to make palatable and that the sauce were "too spicy." don't wanna say "too hot" for some reason. machismo? whatever
  11. am wondering if we can find a similar post from gifted from a few years ago when republicans were doing their bestest to hold up every Obama effort and appointment. hypocrisy aside, governmental gridlock as gifted describes is the single most important reason for continued protection o' fundamental American freedoms. is not Bill of Rights which protects freedoms. the soviet union had more freedoms guaranteed to citizens via controlling documents. on paper, China has more significant personal speech freedom protections than does the US. every sub-Saharan dictatorship has got the equival
  12. we stated you were indifferent to murder of a reporter anywho... then again, we have once more entered bizarro world where gifted thinks failure o' any state investigations to uncover evidence o' widespread voter fraud as well as failure by trump's own transparently political motivated commission on voter fraud to turn up any evidence o' such after more than a year o' looking, is somehow supporting his contention that "anybody that can hop a fence can vote here." @Agiel if you told us a couple weeks ago that trump would make public threats regarding the whistleblower,
  13. if gifted doesn't agree with something, then by definition it isn't worth considering. can take such a rule o' general applicability to ridiculous extremes. for example, the murder o' a reporter is insignificant because the victim is a reporter. chase the rabbit down into the darkness if you wish, but know what you are getting into before you start. HA! Good Fun! @Hurlshot republican blocked federal commissioner from publishing memo about foreign interference, so she tweeted it instead you are just a victim of the fake news media. everybody knows that the democratic p
  14. am knowing a response to gifted will result in absurdity, insult and at least one mind boggling read comprehension and/or math fail. we can't claim victory when am encouraging the inevitable fails. 'OK' is now a hate symbol, the ADL says our feeble attempt to keep thread on-topic, given how gifted don't wanna add anything to the term limit issue he raised. ironic? go figure. HA! Good Fun!
  15. Ive reached the point in my life where the government jacking something up "only a little bit" is a win for me. more absurdism? "pluto is no longer a planet," didn't exactly require deconstruction o' the entire educational system. sheesh. go back far enough and gifted pov has the next generation puzzled by invention o' the wheel and terrified by the implications o' fire generated and maintained by man. and as for government jacking stuff up, well, am guessing we mistaken took gifted statements at face value. if sins o' the forefathers is trivial in his estimation, then millions o' d
  16. from the linked article, right at start, "One gray October morning, about 650 local school children on a field trip to Beauvoir, as the home is called, poured out of buses in the parking lot. " the lost cause is what more than a few kids in the south is being taught as part o' their school lessons. ain't much to be done 'bout past generations, but have current taxpayer money support and promote lost cause narrative is actual a bit o' a surprise to Gromnir. were our understanding, much as you explain, the slavery issue were being glossed over or ignored, but at these parks and historical
  17. gotta be careful as am knowing how delicate is gifted. regardless, tank guy were one o' the more iconic photos/images o' the second half o' the 20th century. am genuine surprised gifted didn't recognize what were happening in the photo. important thing is you learned something. congrats. HA! Good Fun!
  18. tax rate is based on income earned. the more you make, the higher the rate o' taxation. is not complex. seven brackets. on first ~$19500 (maybe a scooch more... am not positive) buffet earns, he pays 10%. at other end, on amounts over $600,001, he pays 37%. buffet pays self $1. outside capital gains considerations, this puts him in the lowest tax bracket. stuff you own is not income. can have a dozen houses and a "company" jet and all kinda other stuff which is not gonna affect tax bracket. you don't pay taxes on own or worth. pay taxes on earned. and as for gifted twisting, we would typi
  19. like most executives, buffet pays himself next to nothing in income. capital gains is where government makes money from buffet in the form o' taxes. have the secretary earn $1 for 2019 might not be the solution sharp thinks it is. ps @gifted the russian economy has been sunk for years, which is why any fluctuation in oil prices causes such distress. one o' your fellow posters helpful submitted a bloomberg chart a few years ago which showed worst performing currencies, with russia the absolute worst for year _______. worse than sub saharan african nations with triple digit inflation fighti
  20. now that don't surprise us. sure, the level which they exploit 1/2 or more o' the population don't bother gifted, but they are doing... something. 'course the chinese government lies 'bout what they are doing, so is so hard to tell what has actual been done, but gifted likes do. the chinese did anywhere between 2000 and 10000 in response to tiananmen square. 'course they don't do much 'bout their aids problem and their actua per capita gdp is placing them not in the economic heavyweight category, but rather in the featherweight range. as o' march 2019, world bank has china per cap gdp right be
  21. why? any yutz can provide solution for E, but einstein showed his work. can come up with dozens o' failed authoritarian oligarchies, so distinguish china... or is simple you is envious o' recent gains by china? ignoring human rights issues, 'cause we know gifted will, there is clear some shortfalls in the chinese system or they wouldn't constant be trying to steal or buy western technologies. forcible bootstrap an agrarian economy into an industrial power might have required an authoritarian system (debatable) but is not same thing to go from industrial to service-based economy. https:/
  22. am risking the dreaded double-post, but is kinda worth it... is nevertheless on us as we forgot to mention an important detail. 'least the detail appeared important to gifted. in any event, underlined status from gifted post is not one o' the 15 factors in the sat's new adversity score. HA! Good Fun!
  23. am not certain how gifted read this as affirmative action. sat is gonna provide a number which the student never sees. the number will be sent to schools and the schools may then decide what, if anything, to do with the number. the number, in and of itself, benefits the student not at all. 'ccording to the article, yale, and other schools, is already applying an adversity score. yale is a private institution and decided they value a more diverse student body. if a vast majority o' your students is coming from same small group o' eastern prep schools, there is no doubt a tendency to deve
  24. what you said were, "Assault rifles have been banned here for ages, all you can buy is a semi auto that looks like an AK or AR-15." svengali it all you want, but am doubting anybody buys the act more than they did the tim apple error. if your real concern is the 50 dead, am not certain how your continued defense is honoring their memory. *pause for a moment of silence* were a minor slip, a trivial but oft repeated bit o' ignorance. you get to be our resident don lemon for the day, but weren't a biggie. regardless, is becoming spam. say something different. to get back on-
  25. moderator's job is gonna be getting a little more difficult for gifted after today. linky to this post is gonna give folks a whole lotta latitude when questioning why their posts got disappeared, eh? *chuckle* doesn't bother us if gifted loses his water; is an affirmation o' sorts after all. is not even first time doing so and whenever it happens, am admitted experiencing the smallest degree o' mirth. bad on us. nevertheless, we do feel a bit remorseful for other moderators who may get painted with same brush... or in this case, mop. clean up on aisle 5? but to try and keep o
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