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  1. Same would be the explanaition for anti-kith enchantment. A wall of text on its own
  2. Yes, that redundancy is quite silly really :D
  3. Love it! I also like how the Dyrford track reminds me of Arcanum main theme
  4. Would be cool with an enhancement to weapons that gave accuracy to spells
  5. Yeah the talent description should be updated to clarify it can be used from stealth as well
  6. As the topic says, i did a little testing with the Paladins Flames of Devotion and the Rangers Wounding Shot abilities. They are next to useless when used with say rapier for Flames and with a hunting bow for the wounding shot while being MUCH more useful when using a twohander or an arquebus. Even further favor of larger weapons! I think they should use a set damage that scales with level+might.
  7. What would be cool is if they for the "duelist" style added 1on1 abilities for the talent. For instance a reversed Minor threat that increased crits if no other ally attacks the same target and also a crit to graze/hit to graze only against hits of the current target. Would definately niche the style. Also i guess they should change the bonus for just equiping a 1h weapon back to +15
  8. The bestiary doesent include monster damage type - it should definately include that!
  9. Is it intentional that they attack at the same speed? I thought i read somewhere that 1H should generally be quicker? Maybe give the "one-hand" style an innate armor penetration because "you have better control and can place the blows better"
  10. Do we really need that much info all the time? I run the beta with the recovery bar option turned off and i cant really say i miss it during any encounter.
  11. Would be cool if it was renamed "Duelist style", maybe give it some deflection bonus also as it's definately considered the weakest style *shrug*
  12. Not a good enough reason to make them suck I would love to have a inquisitoreque Undead Hunter with rapier and pistol but as it is now there are lots and lots of better choices.
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