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  1. It's like everyone in this thread is forgetting plans for a sequel and the huge amount of work needed to create games without level caps. If you want any semblance of actual plot progression, you need a level cap. You cry 'muh immersion breaking' when you can't level up more, but having the final boss being killed in 2 seconds flat is more immersion breaking. What's the danger when any old adventurer can go through the world doing random stuff, killing monsters, and leveling up forever to take down any threat in the world? Second, if you want games to scale without level caps....good luck persuading any game dev to balance the game to cater to every single person who comes to fights with different xp values. "Oh but you can just make stats scale!" That's not balancing, and it removes the whole point of leveling up when no matter how much you level up, a wolf is still as difficult as when you fought it six levels ago.
  2. How do you guys not understand that nearly all the backer npc's soul stories are from their past lives? It's obvious when you read of noble women lounging in chairs and the backer npc is hanging out by the bridge or on the forest. So anyone wanting to 'punish' them is clearly not even reading the text
  3. This isn't Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, IWD, or other rpg. It's a new system. If you don't like, it you don't have to use it. I personally love the new stealth system and like it for what it is. And as a poster mentioned, rogues are not meant to start fights and realistically, that makes total sense. If a guys pops up out of nowhere and attacks a group of people, he is going to be quickly dead. Rather, stealth works so that your entire party can get closer and engage at optimal distances, whether it be close enough for melee or for a ranged volley into melee while the rogue can flank. If you take the time to actually learn the system, it works very well.
  4. Even though there are bugs, the underlying stuff is great. I am glad this game exists and am having great fun while playing it. Hopefully the modding community gets going too. Some mod tools would go a long way to helping it grow! You guys promised us IE-like games and one of the core features of IE-games was the modding available to it. I couldn't imagine playing IE-games without mods so I hope you guys follow through on this front too!
  5. Barracks definitely. I was able to recruit one potential enemy as a hireling.
  6. Does anyone know why they removed the old mechanic of wounds absorbing some damage as a dot so that they can be purged through use of abilities? I thought that was a great mechanic.
  7. Cheatengine also works if you really have to do it. I personally don't find it necessary at all on hard mode and I haven't made a single custom party member. If you play your tactics right, the companions are very useful no matter their attribute allocation. Eder and Palle make up my front line, Aloth and my pc unleash magical hell, and Durance and Kana keep everyone buffed up.
  8. Hi guys. I'm having a blast with the game right now and have progressed a fair point into the game. However, I still do not understand the crafting mechanism. It just feels like I'm missing something or that there should be something more. So we have our known list of enchantments like quality, secondary damage, and slaying, but that really doesn't change anything about your weapons except adding a small stat boost. Where can we get the special qualities like draining, second chance, Spell binds, and more? If we can't, I feel like this is a real disappointment of the crafting system.
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