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  1. Wait, wait... So, the setting went down 7 points purely because you felt it was a little dull and because they used "funny" names? Wow. Not to mention these "funny" names were largely based on REAL names for these things in various languages. So, basically, you're bordering on now saying those languages have "silly" names for things. This is a fantasy world which means there are multiple countries, each with their own names for things. Using unique names is a way of representing that. You may not like the specific names chosen but criticizing the concept itself is going to take
  2. They don't, that's the problem. The KNIGHTS do ie. if you go to take their 2nd quest. The DOZENS do not, however.
  3. I think the amount of posts and arguments in this thread suggests perhaps the ending wasn't such an anti-climax, eh?
  4. 1. Didn't have the same experience at all, knew exactly what was going on. The woman you're talking about was someone who knew the gods were fabricated by people. Imagine the threat that carries to any religion. Also: Eothas, Magran, Woedica, Hylea, Berath, Abydon...just off the top of my head, and I can remember more just not spell them properly! 2. O.o - you're complaining about the difficulty being too easy in a game that has a difficulty setting? Turn the difficulty up? 3. Lol? There's plenty to spend it on. There's lots of unique items you can buy from vendors that are actually ve
  5. This is normal...most RPGs have this aspect. Just off the top of my head: Mass Effect 1 and 3, Baldur's Gate 2, Final Fantasy 7 and 9... You insert a time-limit and you kill a big part of what makes RPGs great which is the ability to roam. Ultimately, the choice is with you though. If you want to chase Thaos because time is of the essence then nothing is stopping you.
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