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  1. I'm curious if you know more about this as I'm interested too. That link doesn't seem to have more than a page though. I didn't see a "buy" button anywhere.
  2. I'm not sure what the complaints on wizards on with their ineffectiveness. I haven't played the other classes but my wizard is the crutch/damage dealer in my party of 3 which I used to clear most of the starting areas pre-Od Nua on Path of the Damned and I already think that's /pretty easy/. Would pretty easy be trivially easy with a "buff class"? Per level per rest. At higher levels they become per encounter instead of per rest. I like it over DnD's very restrictive system at lower levels. I don't know how it plays at higher levels.
  3. Phantoms switch because they can stun. Stunned characters can't engage. Shadows with "instant teleport up" will teleport to the person who damages them... I think. I've been more careful about that and been having the tank spank them to get it to go away and been having better luck (or I'm wrong and it's just chance). Need to fight more Shadows now... ::shudder::
  4. This game isn't hard enough to need pre-buffing (playing Path of the Damned). If you spend one or two cycles on a buff for a "difficult fight" then you're golden esp with how long some of the buffs last. My issue is it's hard to tell who's idling. In BG it made a difference to buff. Honestly, I was just buffed all the time. There wasn't much "thinking" to it. It was just "always keep spells X,Y,Z up and summons for bigger fights". So, BG wasn't more "tactical" it was just easier to max out pre-fight... and honestly, sort of a hassle in comparison. I don't bother with buffs most of the time
  5. The drop rate is just low. I've fought several large groups and gotten little (or nothing) then refought them on a reload and gotten stuff for it.
  6. I agree with the OP. Some attendants running around would help quite a bit in explaining away things. Otherwise, I wish the chair had more lines. Her voice is awesome.
  7. If have some cheesy tombstones is the price to pay to have Pillars exist I am OK with that!
  8. I've only seen them behave this way... a) mob the closest person (unless they can't get to him). Mobbing closest person will fill empty slots clockwise before trying counter clockwise. b) If "closest person" loses the ability to engage then mobs may choose new targets. c) If trying to engage "closest person" causes them to get closer to a different person they'll switch targets. Other than that, my tank has been pretty sticky. I do try to keep him attacking the red circle closest to anyone else so they stay engaged. So far (only up to Raedric's castle) most mobs don't wander around (
  9. Buy it. In DnD parlance it's like a cross between a Sorcerer and a Wizard. You're limited to X level 1 spells per day. Your grimoire can hold 4 spells. You can choose to cast any combination of those spells that day up to your daily limit. Same applies to all other levels. I'm playing a dwarf wizard on Path of the Damned and he's just dandy! My beef is that learning spells (so you can use them in your grimoire) takes coin... coin I would rather spend elsewhere but the collector in me still just wants the spells just to have them! Also, you can add spells party members know in your
  10. Path of the Damned. Brand spanking new! Didn't beta or follow it really until close to release. It's a lot easier than I expected. I'm still redoing fights from time to time but I was expecting it to just hand my ass to me like IWD's Heart of Winter mode. I like this system better.
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