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  1. Thanks for informations, Fluffle. I had checked the official website of THQ Nordic, and I noticed, that they're going to sell "The Obsidian Phisical Edition" of the game. There're gonna be 3 phisical items in the box: cloth map Explorer's notepad set of postcards https://www.thqnordic.com/games/pillars-eternity-ii-deadfire http://img6.gram.pl/20180125193611.jpg I will contact THQ Nordic, to get information about physical, Obsidian Edition.
  2. Thanks for answer, Fluffe. So there won't be any special box editions for POE Deadfire like Adventurer Edition for POE 1 after a release? Sadly, I have forgotten to donate POE 2 on "fig" to get boxed, collector's edition of the game, so that's why this question has been created here... Right now, here, in Poland, shops don't sell any preorders of POE 2, even the digital ones. That's why I am worried about physical editions. The only website where I've found a buyable box edition of Pillars 2 is Amazon. Catch the link: https://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Eternity-II-Deadfire-Obsidian-PC/d
  3. Hello.Will there be an option to buy a box edition of Pillars 2 after a release?I'm asking, because I am not interested in buying only a digital edition of this game.
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