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  1. I'd like to see TORN; as I recall the ideas of the world had been set down, but technological hurdles had put things onto a path to catastrophe. Is it possible to revisit that?
  2. You don't want to sell me deathsticks... You want to go home and rethink your life... Excellent as always!
  3. Will these sketches be making their way over to Galactic Theatre at some point?
  4. I really liked the concepts that were presented for TORN way back when. I remember Feargus later saying that TORN was killed because things just weren't working, but I can't remember if the reasons were all technical (couldn't get the engine to do what they needed, technology not up to the requirements, just taking too darn long, etc.) or if it was something deeper and the concepts and story just weren't coming together. If it was only technical reasons, is it possible that TORN could be revived at some point?
  5. Don't know if this is a glitch or deliberate, but: In Freedon Nadd's tomb, I'd taken a party of Mira (Jedi), Handmaiden (Jedi), and Mandalore. Mira was leading. I walked Mira into the Dark Force manifestation, and then... Party conversation. Mira outside the Dark Force area, saying it's bad mojo to go there, then Mira responding with the players response. Couple more go arounds, then Mira comes out stronger for the experience, blah blah. It seems to be intended that Mira's trying to warn somebody else away from the danger spot, but the end result seemed like she was either trying to talk herself out of it or trying to steel herself for the experience.
  6. The way it works is you play the +/-1 to match your oppenents value. Normally, this would be a tie, but withe the tie breaker, it's a win for you.
  7. Grey Delisle on IMDB. I remember both Viconia and Nalia from BG:SoA well. I wasn't expecting Emily Elizabeth from "Clifford the Big Red Dog", however -- my daughter watches that a lot and I never noticed!
  8. First playthrough, I sent Handmaiden (not a jedi, my consular/master could never beat her the first time) as lead, backed up by Mandalore and Visas (for healing). Very difficult; Visas couldn't block blaster shots to save her life - Mandalore bailed them out so many times... Bao-Dur (Jedi at this point) joined Kreia and Me. Force Fields? What force fields? " Second playthrough, Mira (Jedi) led Handmaiden (Jedi) and Mandalore. Atton (Jedi) joined Kreia and Exile.
  9. Just a note: Both times I completely played through (LS), I was only able to "enlighten" Bao-dur on Dxun. Returning to Dxun, a key site of the Mandalorean wars, seemed to be important for him.
  10. Also, Kevin Michael Richardson was the voice of the machines towards the end of Matrix: Revolutions.
  11. Kreia: Gained influence by talking to Tarn (the grumpy mechanic on the landing pad at Dantooine). When he complained about nothing working, I got an [Awareness]: conversation option which basically asked about the problems he had. Kreia chimed in that this was good; it's easy to manipulate the weak by catering to their ego (paraphrase).
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