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  1. Sorry for the bump, but does only i have this bug or can someone reproduce this?
  2. This is a bug that happened after 1.0.3. It worked in 1.0.2 so it seems to be a bug. The problem: Changes from console command "skill" does not persist; every time i reload the game, the changes get reverted. An example: I want to change the player stealth to 10 1.) Enalbe the cheat console by typing in "iroll20s" 2.) Change the stealth-skill by typing in "skill player stealth 10" 3.) Look at the character screen: stealth got changed to 10 (or more if you have some bonuses or set some points in it already) Until here it works. Now here comes the bug: 4.)
  3. As i think the stash-system is the best: there is already an option to disable this, also i think there is a mode that disables it automatically (?), so the stash is actually quite well done. And with loot i only have 1 problem: i wish that you could actually stack armor. If this would work, it would be perrrrrrrfect.
  4. What people also should not forget is that every bugfix can break something else and they need to be careful before releasing a patch that breaks something else. Never forget: 99 little bugs in the code, 99 little bugs in the code. Take one down, patch it around, 117 little bugs in the code!
  5. I think it is a good idea that you can "buy" additional things as long as the money goes into the Game... Also a question: are there news when we can buy the addons when we have already a pledge? I have already finalized my pledge and didn't took the expansion-addon because i wanted to overthink it: but now i cannot buy them without buying an additional copy for 35$.
  6. This is what i hope too: Think about Baldur's Gate 2: The city was really big, on relatively small room. It had hidden rooms, some stairs, a sever and so on on relatively small room. This could be done in Pillars too: On one day there is a market in the city where a lot of things get selled: from food to weapons to various other interresting things (think that you buy a pendant and then a questline starts); on the other day (at night) you get attacked by thieves. Same room, completely different story. Also shouldn't Pillars of Eternity be moddable like they said it on the News (because thi
  7. We're still working on adding that functionality to the Backer Portal. Thanks for your patience. Thank you: i did confirm my pledge and didn't want to add an addon yet; but i didn't think that adding them later is impossible. I wanted to overthink it first, because simply add something is expensive, so i wanted to overthink what i want to buy. I really hope that this function is added in the near future.
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