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  1. - especially if it was made by motorolla (damn batteries!)
  2. - Can you access the heads from kotor1 with the editor?
  3. Just anyone know a good place to get custom re-skins of the player character faces?
  4. in 3rd ed dnd an average adult male commoners stats are 10/10/10/10/10/10 if I remember correctly. I guess most of you guys are either special forces or professers. Or both
  5. - compared to what? fifa 2002? I present an opposing opinion I think baldurs Gate 1 and 2 offer a far better roleplaying expirience than both kotor and nwn, check em out pronto if you dont mind the graphics!
  6. Oh comon, think before you type, having a grenade as powerful as a nuclear explosion would be stupid.
  7. - well its nice to see thats everyones such an expert about the video gaming industry. can you make a 3rd party patch for us mr. wise? <_<
  8. - I REALLY like viconia and edwina. edwina was pro. shed make the best sith. "darth scrolled"
  9. - Yeah but I wanted this to be a duel, putting in ALL of the funny bg2 characters would be cheating.
  10. Well, who do you think? Is it the Physcotic Proticol droid from Kotor, or the demented ranger from Baldurs Gate? (w00t)
  11. Infinity Engine Games>you. and while im at it Viconia>Bastila+Visas+Mira+Handmaiden
  12. I miss the bg1 and bg2 style where the game is twice as long but there is an xp cap and getting xp is harder. In bg1 you could only reach lvl 7-9 depending on your character class and in bg2 you could only gain about 10 or so levels depending on your character class. xp caps+small amount of xp/requiring large amounts of xp to level up adds realism and flavour to RPGs IMO.
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