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  1. Thanks for the answer. I just hope "patience" does not turn out to require "forget about it and try again in 6 months when the three major patches are there".
  2. I do disagree: I think Bethesda's Fallout is the "cheap knockoff". Simply because Bethesda isn't smart. They do not do smart design, they do not write smart things. They themselves stated "You can either fill a large world with cheap content or make a small game with handcrafted stuff". This was true until CD Project Red showed them a pretty large middle finger. Bethesda-games do one thing right: Large, cheap worlds. It's McDonalds, sometimes I like it, but it's just "cheap, low-quality stuff, lots of it". Nothing the Bethesda-makers so far have said or done over the years made me think "Yeah, cool! That is smart!" If you want a piece of their actual abilities to plan, design and execute a game you need only to look at Fallout 76, the writing that lead to that fiasko has on the wall for all their previous titles, just they worked as moddable (!) single player titles, so we did not mind and got our fun out of them (I played Oblivion, Skyrm, Fallout 3 and 4 and enjoyed them for what they were - but always wished they were done smarter in basically all regards). Here's the actual issue: Even though they seem to look similar and are basically the same genre, Fallout 3/4 and The Outer Worlds are *very* different game with very different goals and basic ideas. Both studios want different things and do these "fairly well" when measured against their own goals (note that neither is actually perfect; Bethesda lacks in being smart, Obsidian often has lacked in funding to actually finish a large project and make it as good as it could be (Kotor2, anyone?)). So to be honest: I take "Obsidian-Fallout" over "Bethesda-Fallout" anytime. Simply because I like "smart" better than " incredibly lots". Do you know what I hope for? An Obsidian-Game made with the development effort and money that Bethesda could afford!
  3. If you are stuck "one line back" it sometimes works to just go into the menu, then back into the dialogue and it goes on. If that works it does exactly once and not in all cases. [But I also have the suspicion that the game keeps trying to load the dialogue during the time I'm in the menu and then goes on after leaving the menu, so that could only be "a fix by pure coincidence". But this did work several times, so it might actually be something one can attempt to use for unstucking a dialogue.]
  4. Previous generations. In terms of resoution the textures in general look only a tad better than in KOTOR2. I do very much like the design and what they did with "things that are meant to stand out". I did dabble a bit in UE4 and admit I am really not advanced at all. But what we're seeing here in materials/textures is ridiculous. If that was all they could afford they should have skipped out of 3D alltogether and build one of their kickass 2D-games (in the style of the old Fallout games) instead. I really do not want to sound like a bitter know-it-all, but the textures/materials very fundamentally are not, in my not-really-demanding view, sufficent in today's market besides some indie-dev who only has one-and-a-half graphics artist. While I love the writing so far (well, an hour or so in before the game is unplayble due to a dialogue-bug) this utterly dated look really is... just sad.,
  5. Does someone even read the complaints/reports around here? Not on weekends? Are they relayed to Obsidian somehow? I noticed there's very few moderator comments and only very few Dev-comments - and none on the really glaring issues that have been reported. Sure, it's weekend, but it's the one after the release, no? Also, Obsidian has experience with (too!) bugged titles on release, should they not be prepared, have a reputation to defend? Is there even a point to report stuff here or should I rather refund out (which I find bad, as I do like what little I could see so far), because right now, the game I have is completely unplayable and I really don't see a lot of reassuring activity in this place. I do admit I write this because I am pretty frustrated by now. Yes, I do expect issues with such a title, a sidequest being broken here or there, that happens. But the issues with streaming/dialogues is a massive gamestopper that should not be in a released title and a lot of other things reported here seem mostly to take serious as well.
  6. This is a complete mess: started fresh, loaded game, ran around for a minute, hit E for talking to a NPC, then he's stuck in a pre-dialogue-animation for long time. Hitting ALT+F4 does nothing, trying to hammer CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to get the task manager to show, the game overlays it. Lots of frustration ensues where I try to ALT+TAB, attempt to task-manager around to get the screen to minimise. All the while the game only shows the black screen with "AMD Ryzen/Radeon" for a long time. THEN the first line of dialogue is heard but nothing else and the black screen with "AMD Ryzen/Radeon" is still on and nothing else. Then I killed it by hitting the WIN-key and logged off my windows user.
  7. It is gamebreaking. Sometimes dialogues can freeze entirely with no way out. And for me that happens so often that the game is literally unplayable. It desyncs even worse if you skip lines of dialogue.
  8. Agreed. And the textures are also abysmal. Sure, it's really not about graphics. But there is a pretty ugly difference, I feel, between "low graphics standards" and "completely abysmal". For crappy pre-baked lighting/shadows in UE4 there is little excuse I can come up with.
  9. Ok, I really did not expect much and do got the game for other reasons. I expect something from Obsidian and that is not graphics fidelity, it can even be far below average. I know this, I knew this, and I am fine with all that. But gosh golly: the textures are stunningly blurry and outright bad in many places. It feels like 2003 called, this does not feel "ok, this is a small company with a low budget" this feels utterly fallen out of time. The rest of the graphics is pretty fine for me (and the gamebreaking bugs aside it's what I expected). But those textures are just so much worse than anything I expected in a title releasing after 2010...
  10. Same issue for playing in 4K. Set to Fullscreen and it works ok (I have no high standards besides liking a high resolution). When the game freezes [stuck dialogues, see other threads] I cannot Alt+Tab out or cannot access the Task Manager to kill the game's process (due to the fullscreen staying where it is). That's a tad annoying (even beyond freezing).
  11. I cannot complain about FPS, but I have no high standards regarding that (playing in 4K on a 1080). What I do get is indeed a lot of annoying streaming-stuttering, especially when dialogues are accessed you notice this. I do play from an SSD and have not seen a game do such stream-stuttering for a long time.
  12. Yes, I have this as well: Dialogues sometimes lag very badly, often at the start, but it can happen in the middle as well. If you dare to use [space] to skip some lines, you have a high probability to have the entire game frozen inside the dialogue; sometimes it recovers after a wait, often it does not. Actually, skipping dialogue seems to hickup the entire system (start of new lines, animations, etc etc)
  13. I fully agree. The hair looked vastly differnt in the game, and totally not what I picked at all. For some hair colors it's impossible to actually see what you picked in the creator, you can attempt to guess if you turn stuff around (badly).
  14. Sometimes when a loading screen is supposed to appear, the screen is just black with only the logo and the mouse pointer being visible. I had it that after a long wait (a minute?) it went into the normal loading screen and then went on normally. I also had it was just stuck.
  15. I keep getting issues with dialogues: First, when starting a new one iwith an NPC t tends to lag. Sometimes it also lags a lot when next lines of dialogues are supposed to follow. When skipping dialogues [space], the entire system bugs completely out, sometimes I get the massive lag mentioned above before the next line proceeds, then some stuttering of the entire engine, then again I get entirely stuck in a line of dialogue (I can only enable/disable the History and nothing else). Sometimes when I hit ESC and then resume, the previous line is repeated but then nothing proceeds with the current. So: Skipping dialogue seems not to work at all. Even letting it run can be a rather laggy affair. What's also annoying: When the game is stuck in this way it completely overlays the windows desktop, I can start the Task Manager, but cannot change to it to actually kill the game. [I play on a Intel Xeon E3 with a GTX 1080 from a SSD, 16 GB RAM. Everything else runs pretty fine, so this is actually this game.] edit: Just loaded a fresh game, went carefully (without touching anything and with giving it plenty of time to stream) through the Dialogue with Tobbson (the Cannary boss), got some dialogue-lags but that aside went through and right at the end on [leave conversation]... crash to desktop. I do like the game so far, but it seems pretty unplayable right now.
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