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  1. On the wiki there's two passive talents to increase traps efficiency: "Powerful traps" and "Accurate traps". Didn't see those talents available so far, so I'll assume there were removed, right?
  2. I hope to see special grimoire in later expansion, give small buff or whatnot. And pets companion giving a little "plus" would be fun also! Not that any of it really border me but the idea sounds good to me...
  3. Patch 1.04 https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-180-patch-notes-104-104-beta-2-now-available-on-steam
  4. Mother of all edit! You changed quite a lot your tone between those two edits, I'm proud of you.
  5. I think I found a "somewhat" useful trick to avoid the issue. I noticed that I wasn't able to opens many door, pretty much the same door as mipthehappy pointed earlier. The problem was that I was scouting mainly with my main character while the rest of my team was waiting in the next room. After moving the whole team in range of these door, the line of sight triangulation from every NPC helped my character in order to open the door. In other words, bring your whole team near problematic door and placed them to cover maximum line of sight to reduce the fog of war. I don't know if it wi
  6. I confirm that, my Edér have around 100 health over what he should. No big deal for my part, but I guess other may be less lucky... Is it only the retroactive part of the fix that isn't working or can you still increase Eder's health infinitely by saving and reloading on Gilded Vale's map? I don't even know the exact trigger that caused him to gain health. My best guess is that it was with second chance from his armor when I was fighting over forest trolls in the black meadow, but I'm not sure. Anyhow, saving/reloading from the map of Gilden Vale didn't cause any issue so far.
  7. I confirm that, my Edér have around 100 health over what he should. No big deal for my part, but I guess other may be less lucky...
  8. Thanks for the patch! Edér still have a somewhat bad Health (around 100 too much), but the save/load issue looks fixed so far.
  9. The patch is queued for 14h50 (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time. A similar queue was for War for the Overworld today and it triggered on the right time, so the patch is probably on its way. Enjoy! Edit Forgot to say : on steam.
  10. Tuned ranges of many Wizard spells to be higher. Ohhhh yeahhhh
  11. Unrelated to version, this issue is directly linked to the save/load bug that screw up stats. It is by far the biggest issue I have encountered in the game, but, still, I think it is manageable until the patch is out. The godlike battle-forged stat stacking up is pretty much the same as the INT stats going up crazy with the horn of plenty. In other word, wait until such buff expire before saving, otherwise the bug will appear if you load the said save. Should be fixed retroactively in the next patch. Edit : type-o
  12. Chances are that you're not the only one. I find them alright myself. I would have loved to be able to interact further with them though...
  13. My guess is that your save games were synced with Steam Cloud.
  14. I created a female barbarian fire godlike yesterday and I noticed a small calculation issue right out of the creation screen! I don't have her stats with me, since I'm at work, but if I recall correctly, they were : 18, 17, 16, 8, 12, 7. Her Fortitude and Reflex defense were alright, but her Deflection and Mental were off 1 point each. Should have been 10 deflection and 18 mental, but she had 11 deflection and 19 mental. Not a really big deal in my opinion, but still a bug nonetheless (well, not compared to the double click bug and the stat boost bug).
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