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  1. I crash when I start a new game and create a character. I've crashed 3 times immediacy upon loading and once got as far as previewing class skills. I recieve no warning and no error, the game crashes straight to desktop. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. Thanks Sensuki, that answered pretty much all my questions about elemental damage.
  3. Sensuki, can you explain to me how the element damage weapon enchants work? If you get the fire one, does a weapon attack deal 25% of the "normal" damage as additional fire damage?
  4. I would like some hotkeys and/or some quickslots. And yeah, your attitude could be more constructive.
  5. Combat seems much better, the pacing is much more playable and I have a better idea of what is going on now. The audio effects seem to cut in and out and the battle music can't seem to decide when it is going to stop playing.
  6. Do we know for sure if you only get XP when you finish a quest or can you get XP for advancing a quest? It'd be more work to implement, but if quests advanced and gave xp for specific areas or groups, that would be neat.
  7. I like having all the abilities so far. The combat does seem overwhelming right now for me personally, because I'm not sure when how recovery time is working right now. I've seen mention of auto-attack not working properly which I imagine is making it much harder to get a proper sense of what is going on. But I've told party members to do things, seen that little recovery bar going down and then not do anything until I give them a new order. Another big difference from BG is the lack of AI scripts. I have no idea if they intend to include them or something like them, but at the very le
  8. Does a single player game really benefit from a money dump? When I think of enchanting, I imagine it either being easy enough to apply to most items or rare and costly enough to only apply to the really good items. And since the enchanting will be limited by the number of components, I imagine it'll be something to you only do with the 'good' loot. With the most likely exception being a 'okay' item that you can't manage to replace and anticipate having to keep a hold of for a while.
  9. That would nice. Hopefully, they'll also have the same targeting feedback as in Baldur's Gate, where your target's circle would flash.
  10. Like the overall look but I feel like combat is very clustered right now. Hard to see enemies and party members in the middle of a fight, as well as what they are or were doing. Biggest change I would like to see is more feedback in combat. I have a hard time telling when the enemies have done things to me or if they things I did to them worked.
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