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  1. there is a protocal droid vendor outside the cantina he will sell it to u
  2. i got an uber swete one from giving a visa to sum chick on onderan it was awsome
  3. the only 1 i found was at the end of the game when i kileed a "sith lord" but i wnat 1 early in game
  4. force crush rocks dath sion didnt come w/ in 3 meters of me b/c i spammed it
  5. after i go to koriban and finish my "tests" she lets me chose a class
  6. will those ppl only approch u when ur w/ atton on nar shadda? or do u just have to have a certain influence w/ atton?
  7. is the way to opemn this door the things in the crate in the library? if so can u go back into the academy after u have beat it? b/c when i tried it was lovked . is ne thing good behind that door ne way?
  8. u cant at least not to my knowledge
  9. u needa grp w/ him and he will question ur actions weather good or bad and u must chose ur words carefully from there
  10. ur supposed to turn his force tech againt him. wait until he has hit u 3x after kreia gives u her speach thing. then make sure ur med packed up and spam umproves screm and lightning he wont be able to recover...and down he goes
  11. how can i defeat these 2 at nar shadaa w/ atton?
  12. ne1..plz i need it so i can cnontinue the game
  13. wut is the 5 number code where the 1st 3 numbers are 3,17,13... wut r the last 2 numbers...plz help quick
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