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  1. I do not care who they are, and what they do, as long as it's nice.
  2. While I understand that it's Atari that made the call, I have never seen any explenation anywhere that Obsidian is a division of Atari? As they are not, they should, and do have a say on that matter. Let's face it, on some level the bosses on Obsidian decided it was if not a great idea, at least something they should try. Anyway, this is my last post on Obsidian forum about my discontent. There is no need on saying the same thing over and over again. Moderators and the developers are not the people who had done anything wrong, so I'm going to stop make them feel like they have. As for mailing Atari, I might just do that. Not that I think that they actually care that some chick from northern Europe is gravely dissapointed at a forum move. I am just one person out of milions of poeple who buy their products. Firstly. I gave this a big thought and decided that people on Obsidian and BioWare forum definitly disagree on what is "trollish", "hostile", and "unpleasant". Personly, even with the people who are pointed out as trolls (like Hades for example) I still see this as a nice, friendly and cozy corner of the Internet. People here are friendly and joke about with each other, even though in the next thread they have completely opposit ideas and drag the discussion to an eternity. They do understand the difference between a joke and trolling. BioWare on the other hand, with all their rules and banning is a stiff, cold and unfriendly forum. Take a look at the "welcome" thread in the new NWN2 forums. There is this unfriendly and supercilious guy, who when joked about and to reacts with a threat to Rhomal(!!) that he'll report Rhomal to the BioWare moderators. About the fact what people think of DLA. I truly believe people are excagerating. I do not remember any agreements anywhere, where it said that once you became a community developer you cannot take money from BioWare. Especially since the same people who call you traitors would love to have a steady job on BioWare or Obsidian geting paid for what they love to do. In the end every one of us does something because we love it, and because it feels good to get recognision. Although the recognision of my players means a lot to me, it doesn't pay any bills. If BioWare, or Obsidian told me I could work for them, I would take the opportunity and do that, making money doing something I have loved for the last 2 years. Now to the "trolls" you speak about. I truly must say that I don't remember any posts that were hostile to you. Reading lots of posts, and concentrating on NWN2 ideas, I truly must say that I haven't payed attention and have no clue what posts you are talking about. Since the are deeply affecting your view of these forums, please point me to them and then we'll have a discussion about it. And yes, I am one of the leaders on a pw. But no, not the one who "put it out". Funny that you noticed the signature, since many people don't and talk to me like I have no clue about the troubles of a pw.
  3. Even though I dislike BioWare forums, my dissapointment isn't really about the forum istelf. If NWN2 had started at BioWare and then moved to Obsidian I would probably be equally dissapointed (if I had become part of the forum readers, which I doubt). What it basically comes down to, is my dissapointment at what the community actually did mean to Obsidian. I'm not naive enough to think that I personly ahve any importants for Obsidian as company, but one would think that they at least CARED that we have been spending here our free time, giving ideas and solutions for things that Obsidian gets payed to make. Maybe I'm overreacting, or at least I'm sure most of you think that I am. But I see this as a spit in my face. And a nice guy welcoming us on the other side, is like the same guy trying to dry my face after I have been spit upon. Although what I posted is still here, it is hard to find for those on totally other forum. Almost everything posted there has been discussed at least once or twice here. Why did I even bother to post any comments or solutions, if they now are gone or forgutten. This proves how much the community actually means and what weigh the things we say have.. This isn't a way to treat a community.
  4. I usually don't use the word "suck", but this time it's exactly what I'm going to do. This sucks!!! The reason why? 1) Most people who post on BioWare forums seem to be of lesser maturity level, sometimes you could suspect that they are of lesser inteligence. 2) Many posts are very hard to read. And not because the person isn't English from the start. Quite the contrary. They don't know how to spell, don't care about interpunction, don't care about making paragraphs. They just don't care. (points to the first point). 3) The things people post and suggest on those forums are beyond... contempt at times.. One could wonder what age they are, or how high IQ they have. 4) Thank you for using all my posts, Obsidian. I thought that our time and posts were valuable to you, you have showed otherwise. 5) You have lost several quality community members, and gained quantity of members I have chosen to stay away from. Good Luck Obsidian, you will need it with the community you have gained instead of one you decided to leave behind.
  5. *is rolling her thumbs wondering how long it will take for Phosfor to move this thread out to General Roleplaying banter, or what it's called*
  6. deja vu!! It's the fourth time today...
  7. Someome with great fantasy when it comes to writing stories. Someone who can script Someone who can write (at least dialogs). Someone who can make beautiful areas. Someone with great ideas. And read a lot of documents about a lot of things.. *nods*
  8. I'm intrigued. If you were attacked by wondering monsters, presumably you'd get a distraction bonus. Depending, of course, what they were wondering about. For example, an orc wondering about what he was having for lunch might only attract a -1 distraction penalty on his attack roll. OTOH, let us imagine an evil fighter henchman seriously wondering about why that ugly barbarian has been promoted above him by his evil wizard boss might get a whopping -4. The possibilities are endless. If I were Evil Dungeon Overlord I'd put up notices to warn monsters not to wonder whilst on patrol. Lastly, gelatinous cubes and rust monsters aren't smart enough to wonder about anything much and do not attract a distraction penalty. Cheers MC <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Now, that's funny But please don't laugh over us poor outlandish people...
  9. 1 half around the forums, then 2 other halves... uh - that will be 3 halves. uhm.. wow.. I want life like that as well!!!!
  10. Do not compare the "rest" of NWN with D&D rules.... In D&D you have to camp and pretty much do nothing. For every day where you sleep 8 hours per night, you regenerate 1 hp per level. To get back your spells you need 8 h of sleep without any disturbance. If you get attacked by wondering monsters, the time you slept is pretty much lost. And you need to start anew.
  11. Maybe it's just me.. but I really do not see the reason why everyone then gets so worked up over something they cannot change. As I said before. Everyone have the right to like/dislike either system. That doesn't change anything. Would you like the system you don't like to totally dissapear? I'm sure the person who likes it would hate it. The GOOD thing is that both systems exist, making it possible for those who do not like the other system to use the one they like. You get worked up over nothing, get angry at each other, and then this all ends in a flame war (some not nice words have already been said). Is it worth it?
  12. And now you are going to suggest that Obsidian uses it, or go to WotC to suggest it?
  13. And I'm sure you are qualified to fix the balance by adding mana based magic to it??
  14. I think it is this simple. If you do not like the way D&D functions. Go buy a CRPG that isn't D&D, or go whine to the WotC. Because there is as much point of complaining here, as if you would be talking to your bed.. No matter how much you discuss, NWN2 will not be mana based, and it seems that DA is going to be. Yes, you who do like mana, have the right to like it. Yes, you who don't like mana, have the right to not like it. Both have their +s and -s. But it all depends on balancing. D&D is a balanced game, and changing anything disrupts the balance. You need to really be sure what you are doing. Balancing a game is hard, ask any CRPG making company. *shrugs* I don't see why everyone gets so worked up about this. Those are just simpley 2 different systems. Just leave it. Why forcing everyone to use one? The beauty lies in the diversity of systems. Buy the one that suits you best.
  15. Well, considering that it reminds me of Sims, but a more boring version.. I think that the Creator of the World didn't think much of the market....
  16. Oh yeah.. sure... I hang around several other forums. :D. Does it count as life?
  17. KotOR was kind of mana-system. But the mana got refilled on it's own (without the Diablo mana potions stuff). You only enjoyed it half-way though.. so.. uh.. I'm outta here... :ph34r:
  18. Nope.. that I'm not going to say. I said too much already.
  19. Playing as Toreador pretty much mean having a boost in social skills and seduction. But being able to seduce doesn't mean to you are seducable yourself. As I see it Toreadors meddle with humans, they are "good hearted" towards them. But you can be nice to a dog or a cow as well. Pet them, play with them, make them adore you. But in the end they are still a dog and a cow. Humans are seen as lower then vampires. Maybe not as low as a cow is to us (but for Sabbath they are even lower). I could honestly see the "flirting" among vampires as a way they are used to behave towards others, and pretty much do so against one another. Like part of a game, when you say one thing, but mean another... And the Nosferaty are prejudice against Toreadors, simple because they are opposits in the way of life.. uh.. death... anyway, have anyone played as a Malkavian? You can talk with the TV!! And more. Also with a lamppost
  20. That would pretty much explain the lack of logic then...
  21. It could be someting as simple as "I would do everything for you" or "Did you miss me?" kins of stuff.. anyway. I'm probably really duft right now, but how can I use flirting for power, as it obviously shouldn't have any effect. You use it with humans, because it manipulates them to do your bidding. They think they'll spend a great night with you or some such. You gain power by manipulating them, and they are manipulated because of the physical attractiont they feel towards you. If I flirt with another vampire, and all they care about is power and blood, shouldn't I really be promising thim power, give him money, or wave blood-packs in front of their noses? How does it really work? :'(
  22. True. However vampiric flirting isn't about love or sex. It's about manipulation and power, and vampires are usually into both. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then I ask again. When the vampire doesn't get attracted to anyone - fliring is useless because the person don't get attracted to you... It's like trying to make a dog do tricks by prising him with wood instead of sausage. I'm so amased that nobody else sees the lack of logic in this. Flirting with humans? Yes, very useful, they get attracted and think you are as well.. Flirting with vampires? Should be like trying to flirt with your own wardrobe.
  23. Well, since Vampires do not care about love, and lack the ability to feel atraction, then flirting with them shoulden't really affect them in any way at all. Or am I the only one who sees this?
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